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Java Edition: How do I create my Realm?

This article refers to Minecraft Realms for the Java Edition. If you need help with your subscription to Minecraft Realms for other platforms, please go to the Minecraft Realms Plus page. 

For information on buying Minecraft Realms, visit our Minecraft Realms Plus and Minecraft: Java Edition Realms FAQs. Only the owner of a realm has to pay for a subscription. The owner can invite any number of friends, but only 10 players plus the owner can play at the same time. You get one Realm per subscription, but you can change the game modes and maps for that Realm. 

After you make a purchase, your Realms subscription starts. After your payment is complete, open Minecraft, select Minecraft Realms and then choose the option to create and configure your Realm. You'll see an option to enter a world name or to start with a preexisting world or map. You can change any setup options. 

To continue with a standard survival world, you can double-click your Realm. Alternatively, you can select Configure to open an additional menu of options.  

To rename your Realm or to give it a description, select Settings and then enter the title you want. 

Selecting World Options lets you further customize your world in the following ways: 


PVP (on/off) 
Turns player-versus-player combat on or off. When off, players will not be able to injure one another. 

Difficulty (peaceful, easy, normal, hard) 
Changes the difficulty of the server. Hardcore mode is not available in Minecraft Realms. 

Spawn protection (Off, 1 to 16) 
Spawn protection disallows standard players from placing or destroying blocks in a specified radius from the world's spawn area. 

Force game mode (on/off) 
When enabled, this option forces all players into the server's selected default game mode when they log into the server. It is disabled by default, which preserves the game mode that a player was in when they logged out. 

Game mode (survival, creative, adventure) 
Changes the default game mode for all players on the server. The server owner or operator can use commands to change individual players' game modes in-game. 

Spawn animals (on/off) 
Enables or disables the spawning of the game's neutral animals. 

Spawn monsters (on/off) 
Enables or disables the spawning of the game's aggressive monsters. 

Spawn NPCs (on/off) 
Enables or disables the spawning of non-player characters (villagers), also known as NPCs. 

Command blocks (on/off) 
Enables or disables use of command blocks. You must be the owner or operator of the Realm, and in creative mode, to use a command block. 

You can find a list of Realms admin options at Java Edition: What Admin Options Are Available for Realms. 

Last Updated - 2021-08-04 01:27:45 UTC

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