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I’ve Been Charged More Than Once

Note: Certain parts of this article only apply to Minecraft: Java Edition payments and Mojang accounts. The relevant parts will be marked as such. 

There are a few situations where a second charge may appear or seem to appear after a purchase: 

  • An order number may be generated when a payment fails, which can be confused with a successful purchase. A transaction ID is only generated with a successful purchase. Look for more than one transaction IDs to confirm a duplicate purchase. 

You may see a small currency conversion charge or an international transaction fee from your bank due to the fact that Mojang is located in Sweden. (Only applies to Mojang accounts) 

  • A bank or payment partner may temporarily reserve the purchase amount on your account, this can be confused with a second charge. The hold is usually resolved within 24-48 hours. Contact your bank or the payment partner for further information. 
  • If you have accidentally purchased the game directly as well as with a gift code; you will see the duplicate purchases in your account profile. 


If you believe that you have identified a duplicate charge, contact Minecraft support and provide us with the transaction IDs from both charges. We will be happy to assist so you can continue to game on! 

Last Updated - 2021-08-03 10:23:20 UTC

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