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How do I become an Official Minecraft Community Events Partner?

By organizing an Official Minecraft Community event, you can create a unique gathering with the community that will create an environment for inspiration, engagement, and entertainment.

Official Minecraft Community events are fully planned, produced and coordinated by our Official Partners. However, while the content and design of each event is unique and developed independently from us, in order to ensure that attendees have the best possible experience, we enforce some requirements, common features, and minimum standards before we endorse an event as part of the Official Minecraft Community Events programme. No event will be labeled Official until they have been approved by Mojang.

Sharing our values and requirements

Official Minecraft Community Events need to truly share and support our core values and need to empower our community. Before an event partner can receive our stamp of approval and license the Official Minecraft Community Event brand, they must agree to use their best efforts to adhere to the below values:


  • Players first
    Licensee will use best efforts to serve and accommodate players and attendees by operating a customer-orientated experience in all its offerings relating to the event such as, but not limited to, announcements, promotions, ticket sales, customer support and the on-site event.
  • Inspire, have fun
    Licensee will use best efforts to provide event experiences, installations, where applicable, and activations, where applicable, at the venue that are accessible to all players and attendees and shareable online via means such as, but not limited to, social media via photo, audio, text or video.
  • Take pride in everything we build
    Licensee will use best efforts adhere to brand, style, art and spatial/dimensional requirements when planning and constructing on-site installations and assets. Licensee will consult with Mojang prior to any planning or execution of installations and assets that Licensee considers to be potentially off-brand or outside the scope of the Minecraft style, visual and spatial/dimensional requirements.
  • Demonstrate equality & inclusivity
    Licensee agrees to operate on-site events accessible to all ages, gender, ethnicity, and abilities with no preferences to any particular group. Furthermore, Licensee agrees it will adhere to the necessary Microsoft event safety and security policies as defined in further dialogues.
  • Authentically Minecraft
    Licensee will use best efforts to promote and operate the event to reflect the premium and authentic brand values of the game Minecraft and its products, and will enforce exclusive promotion and sales of officially sanctioned commercial goods and merchandise during any and all of its events, regardless of venue and region it operates in.
  • Appropriate Content
    Licensee agrees it shall not feature, or permit any third-party, exhibitor, event attendee, co-host, sponsor or sublicensee to feature any of the following in its events or its advertising or promotions relating to its events:
    • Prescription or “over-the-counter” drugs.
    • Pornography or pornographic products.  
    • Tobacco, tobacco products, or paraphernalia.
    • Alcohol products or other intoxicants the sale or use of which is regulated by law.
    • Political, special-interests or religious representatives, groups or parties promoting their causes or beliefs.
    • Businesses engaged in gambling, wagering, bookmaking, or sports or esports betting, including fantasy sports or esports.
    • Specific sponsors, games or entities identified as competitive such as, but not limited to Facebook, Google, Sony, Nintendo, and Apple, or any entities or brands that are in direct competition with the Minecraft brand that has a substantially similar look and feel and/or similar game-play mechanics to Minecraft.


Meeting our standards for content

All Official Minecraft Community Events needs to contain a minimum standard of delivery as defined below:

  • Minecraft Play Areas
    A set of areas containing sections with Minecraft for the attendees to play, either free-form or in groups over local or remote networks. Licensee will showcase and make available an equal amount of Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock versions for attendees to interact with. For tournaments, see section Tournaments below.
  • Creators participation    
    Licensee will accommodate and enable influencers such as Youtubers, streamers, in-game content creators (mapmakers, artists, etc) and Minecraft developers to be available to make appearances, showcase their works and be allowed to have “meet and greets” with the attendees.
  • Costume contest
    Licensee may on its own accord organize and encourage participation in costume contests. In such cases, the Licensee will integrate the contest into the event programming in a structured and safe manner for the contestants and the attendees.
  • Stage events     
    Licensee will ensure there is a main stage on-site that can cater and house at least 50% of the total attendees - meaning the total number of people who attend across the entire duration of the show, not the number of attendees at a single point in time. Stage content is organized and coordinated by Licensee as it sees fit under the condition that the subject matter relates directly or indirectly to Minecraft, such as a panel, gameplay or keynote sessions.
  • Signage & branding
    Licensee will ensure to provide visible signage, with the appropriate event branding, throughout the event site/venue-site. All signage will be compliant with the Minecraft Brand Style Guide.
  • Activities areas
    In addition to Minecraft play areas, Licensee will designate a set of areas for activities for physical play. The type and theme of such play must be in accordance with health & safety regulations and be inclusive in nature for all attendees. Examples of activities are, but not limited to, LEGO building, coloring, arts & crafts.
  • Merchandise outlets     
    The licensee is free to sell merchandise or invite third-party merchandise vendors and sellers to its event, as it sees fit. For clarity, the Licensee is solely responsible that products and services provided and made available by these outlets are age appropriate and relate directly or indirectly to the Minecraft intellectual property. Individual vendors will be allowed to sell *handcrafted* merchandise as referred to Minecraft brand and commercial guidelines. Furthermore, Licensee is held accountable for any non-licensed, non-Mojang approved or counterfeit Minecraft merchandise sold during the event, be it online purchases or at the venue. If Licensee discovers that counterfeit or non-approved Minecraft merchandise is sold in conjunction with the event, Licensee will immediately shut down the outlet/vendor in question and exclude them from the event with no delay.
  • Exhibitors & Sponsors
    Licensee may, on its own accord and as it sees fit, invite, sell space to third-party exhibitors and sponsors to the event.
  • “Indie” game area
    The licensee is encouraged to organize and run a gaming area for independent game developers to showcase their games. A recommendation is to ensure content and type of games, platforms, and devices are varied. For clarity, Licensee will ensure that the games displayed and played in this area adhere to the event’s and the Licensee’s obligations as outlined in the Appropriate Content section, referenced above.
  • Lounge
    Licensee may, on its own accord and as it sees fit, provide space and furniture for attendees to rest, relax.
  • Charities / education     
    The licensee is encouraged to invite and collaborate with charities and any non-profit education-focused schools and academies for exhibition space and event participation. In such case, Licensee will notify Mojang thirty (30) days prior to the event which charities and schools are being invited to participate.


Contact us

If you believe you can fulfill all the criteria above, and think you are the right partner for hosting Official Minecraft Community Events, please contact karim@mojang.com for further discussions and details.

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