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Minecraft Dungeons and Xbox Game Pass

Accessing Minecraft Dungeons with Xbox Game Pass 

Players with an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have access to Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition on Xbox One or PC, depending on which subscription they have. Below Is a list of Xbox Game Passes and what Minecraft Dungeons content they grant you access to: 

  • Xbox Game Pass: Grants access to Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition on Xbox One 
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC: Grants access to Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition on Windows 10 PCs 
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Grants access to Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One 

How long will Xbox Game Pass give me access to Minecraft Dungeons?

Players will have access to Minecraft Dungeons through Xbox Game Pass so long as their subscription is active. Once a player has canceled their Xbox Game Pass subscription, they will lose access to Minecraft Dungeons after their last active subscription day. 

Versions of Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons has three separate versions a player can purchase: 

Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition 

  • Minecraft Dungeons base game 

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition: 

  • Minecraft Dungeons – Standard Edition 
  • Hero Cape 
  • 2 player skins 
  • Chicken Pet 
  • The first two DLC packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Pass  

  • Hero Cape 
  • 2 player skins 
  • Chicken Pet 
  • The first two DLC packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter

What Happens to My Minecraft Dungeons Save Files If My Xbox Game Pass Subscription Ends?

A player on Xbox One will have their game progress saved on the console and cloud saves. Players on PC will have their game progress saved locally on the computer. 

What Happens to My Minecraft Dungeons Client After My Xbox Game Pass Subscription Ends? 

Minecraft Dungeons will still be installed on your console or computer but attempting to access the game will result in an error message referring to missing entitlements. 

Can I get the Hero Edition Content Even though I Play the Game with Xbox Game Pass?  

Yes, you can gain all the content from Hero Edition with the Hero Pass. The Hero Pass enables players to gain access to all the content of Hero Edition without the need to buy it separately or pay for the game a second time. If you cancel your subscription and re-activate it later, you will still have access to the content granted by owning the Hero Pass. 
If you cancel your subscription to Xbox Game Pass and buy Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition, you will still have access to the Hero Pass content 

Remember that the Hero Pass does not come with a game license, so you will need a copy of Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition to access your Hero Pass content and the game itself. 

What is Xbox Game Pass? 

You can learn more about Xbox Game Pass and all of its benefits here.

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