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Minecraft: Java Edition Password Reset Not Working

This article applies only to Minecraft: Java Edition. 

If you have problems resetting your password, check the following to help troubleshoot a solution.  

  • Confirm that the email you are using is the same one you used to make your account.  
  • Make sure there are no typos in your email address to confirm it is being sent to a valid address.  
  • Check your junk email or spam folder for verification emails. If Mojang Studios emails have been marked as spam at any point, these emails may end up in your junk email or spam folder 
  • Make sure your email address has been verified. 

Verify your email address 

  1. Log in to your account and click on your email address in the top right corner of the page.  
  3. On the verification page, click Request a new code. 
  4. Check your email for the notification message and follow the instructions to verify your email account. 

Tip: If you don’t see the email message, check your junk/spam email folder. 

If your account was compromised and the email used with this account was changed, or if you are still unable to access your account, contact Minecraft Support for assistance.  

Last Updated - 2021-06-18 20:00:55 UTC

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