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I can’t make a purchase

Because payment errors can happen in different steps of the payment process and be caused by a number of reasons, they're often difficult to track down. If you can't make a purchase, please troubleshoot your issue with the following steps; 

  • Try your purchase on another web browser or device, and make sure that the browser you are using is updated. 


  • Consider trying a different payment method in our online store. There are several different payment methods available depending on the country. Click the displayed options or the link "More payment methods" as shown in the image below. 

If you are still not able to make a purchase, you may be able to buy a Minecraft prepaid card

If you are having issues with a Realms purchase, you could also visit our help article on Realms subscriptions

  • The issue might be with your bank or card provider. Ask your card provider to allow international purchases as Mojang is based in Sweden. Please also make sure that you have sufficient funds and that there are no other issues with the purchase, by contacting your card provider. 


  • Your purchase might not go through if you’re not in the same country as the credit or debit card was issued, and you’ll need to use a different payment method. 


  • If you’re a US customer
    • You cannot make a purchase from outside of the US using a credit or debit card issued in the US. 
    • Due to US law, many or all prepaid debit cards (such as Visa Vanilla) purchased in the US will not work for purchases in our online store, as Mojang is located outside of the US.
    • Gift codes are not available for purchase in our online store from the US. Please consider buying a Minecraft prepaid card or a gift code on Amazon.com

Last Updated - 2021-04-13 08:28:59 UTC

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