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What is a Transaction ID?

A transaction ID is used by Mojang customer support to verify your ownership of an account before we’re able to help you make any changes or give out information about an account. After a successful purchase, you are sent a confirmation email containing your transaction ID and order number. The transaction ID from a successful purchase can be used to verify your ownership of an account. If you used a gift code or PIN from a Minecraft prepaid card to gain access to Minecraft, we use that code to verify account ownership.

Recover a lost transaction ID

Please look for an email sent by us to your inbox to locate your transaction ID, you might also want to check your spam or junk folder for this email.
If you have lost the email containing your transaction ID, there are ways to recover it. To learn how to recover a lost transaction ID, you first need to figure out how you paid.
As a transaction ID is considered proof of account ownership, we do not recommend purchasing a used account from another player. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide support if you made your purchase through a non-authorized website, reseller or another player.

How did you pay?

This ID is a seventeen-character alphanumeric code.
example: 1AB23456C7890123D
In some cases, you can be issued a PayPal receipt number, which is four sets of numbers.
example: 1234-5678-9012-3456
To recover this transaction ID, you can log into your Paypal account and view the ID in your transaction history. If you no longer have access to your PayPal account, or you made a purchase that doesn’t appear in your transaction history, you will need to call or email PayPal to request the ID.

Credit or Debit card
December 2013 – present
All current transactions made using a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are handled by our payment partner Braintree.
This transaction ID is a set of six or seven numbers and letters.
example: 1a2bcd3
previously: ab2bcd

If you need to contact Minecraft support for assistance but have lost your Braintree transaction ID, you can instead provide the name of the cardholder, the date of purchase, expiration date, card type, and the last four digits of the card used for the purchase. We can attempt to verify your purchase using that info, however we may be unable to verify your card details depending on the time of purchase.

2011 – December 2013 
Credit and debit card transactions between mid-2011 to December 2013 were handled by our payment partner Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).

This transaction ID is a sequence of nine or ten numbers.
example: 9876543210
previously: 987654321

To retrieve this ID, you will need to have saved your original purchase email. 
Earlier than mid-2011
Credit and debit card transactions made earlier than mid-2011 were handled by our previous payment partner DIBS.
This transaction ID is a sequence of nine digits.
example: 123456789
To retrieve this ID, you will need to have saved your original purchase email. 
If your purchase was not made by any of the previously mentioned payment methods, and it was made after December 16th, 2015, it may have been processed by our payment partner Adyen. Adyen handles a range of local alternative payment methods such as Alipay and various bank transfers
This transaction ID is a sequence of sixteen numbers.
example: 1234567891234567
If you cannot locate this email nor transactions ID, please contact customer support
Mojang gift code
Gift codes can be purchased in our online store or on Amazon. They are not available for purchase anywhere else.
Mojang gift codes can be identified by their five sets of five letters and numbers. Until October 2015, Mojang gift codes were three sets of four characters.
example: A1B2C-D3E4F-G5H6I-J7K8L-M9N0P
previously: a1b2-c3d4-e5f6 or B2C3-D4F6-G7H8 

If you need to recover a gift code that you no longer have access to, ask the person who gave you the code to log into account.mojang.com to retrieve the code for you. Note that only codes purchased using Mojang accounts can be viewed this way. Gift codes purchased on older Minecraft accounts (pre 2012) can unfortunately not be viewed from the account overview. 
If your code was bought on Amazon, you will need to contact Amazon for help retrieving your code.
Prepaid PIN
Minecraft prepaid cards are physical cards available for purchase in select retail stores.

This PIN is a ten-digit number or five sets of five letters and numbers.
example: 123 456 7890, or A1B2C-D3E4F-G5H6I-J7K8L-M9N0P

Once a Minecraft prepaid card has been redeemed, an email containing the PIN number is sent to the email address registered to your Mojang account confirming the redemption. If you are not able to find this email, please contact customer support and we may be able to assist you even without your PIN. 

Mojang order number
example: 123a456789012b3c4d5e678901f23gh4
This order number is generated for all purchases made in the Mojang account system, however, we can not use it to verify ownership of an account as we can with transaction ID's.

Minecraft for Windows 10 codes
Minecraft Windows 10 codes do not verify your ownership of a Mojang account. Please visit our help article on Minecraft for Windows 10 if you are having issues with these codes.

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