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Minecraft: Java Edition Login

Do I log in with my email address or my username? 

How you log in depends on your account type, either with a Minecraft account or a Mojang account. Any account created after late 2012, or one that has been migrated from the old account format, is a Mojang account. With these accounts, you log in with an email address. Older Minecraft accounts that have not yet been migrated use usernames to log in. If you purchased Minecraft: Java Edition after December 1,  2020, you will use a Microsoft account to log in. 

Learn more about the different account types at the Minecraft: Java Edition Account Types page. 


I forgot my password 

To reset the password for a Minecraft account (where you log in with your username) you need to visit account.mojang.com/migrate and migrate your account to a Mojang account. After doing this you will be able to reset your password. 

To reset the password for a Mojang account (where you log in with your email address) visit the

 Forgot Password page. 

 To reset the password for a Microsoft account visit the forgotten password guide from Microsoft. 

I forgot the email address used for my account 

If you have a Mojang account and have forgotten the email that you log in with, try resetting your password. The reset process will send an email to the address that you have registered, letting you know which address you used. Alternatively, try other email addresses that you own. If you forget or no longer have access to an email address you might have used, contact Minecraft support. 

If you cannot get Mojang system emails, visit the Cannot Get Mojang System Emails page. 

If you have a Microsoft account and forgot your email, contact Microsoft support. 

I need to change the email address used for my account 

If you have a Minecraft account you will need to migrate it to change the email address. To learn how to do this, visit Changing Your Email Address. 

To change the email on a Mojang account, visit the Mojang Studios Account login page. You can either have instructions sent to your current address or if you don't have access to that email, you can have it changed by passing a security challenge. 

If you need to change the email address for a Microsoft account, contact Microsoft support. 

I remember my email address, but not my username 

If you have a Mojang account, your Minecraft username will be shown in-game, on your Mojang account page, or on the launcher itself. 

For legacy Minecraft accounts, you log in with your username instead of an email. If you have a legacy account and forgot your username, contact Minecraft support. 


I've tried the above, but I still need help 

Contact Minecraft support through the contact form. 

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