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Servers that violate commercial use guidelines

How do I know if a server violates the commercial use guidelines?
Please familiarize yourself with our commercial use guidelines. These guidelines explain for what and how we allow commercial use of the Minecraft name, brand and assets, including Minecraft servers. If you are unsure that a server violates the guidelines, please do not send a report.

Where can I submit a report?
After thoroughly reviewing the commercial use guidelines, you can submit a report with the link to the server's web store and contact information. Please do not send a report unless you are certain that the server violates the guidelines.

Will I hear back about my report? How will the commercial use guidelines be enforced?
You will not receive any follow-up information about the reported server. Information about enforcement will be discussed with the server owner, and will not be publicly available. Mojang employees do not discuss enforcement in-game.

Last Updated - 2021-05-11 16:57:46 UTC

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