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Minecraft: Java Edition is slow

If you’re experiencing slowness in Minecraft Realms, please read this article

Slowness in games can often be difficult to diagnose, but it is usually alleviated by having a computer that meets the system requirements and having a steady broadband internet connection. While there are many factors that could potentially contribute to slowness in Minecraft, most of them can be sorted into two categories:

Computer processing (low framerate):

If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, you will probably experience slowed or choppy gameplay. When playing Minecraft, press F3 to view information about the game. Look at the top row and locate the FPS. If this number is lower than 30, the game may be running too slowly due to your software configuration or insufficient graphical and computer processing hardware.

The Minecraft Wiki has a tutorial with instructions how to improve the frame rate, it's available here: Minecraft Wiki tutorial 

You may also want to visit our list of resources (especially the forums) for further help. 


Network connection (latency or lag):

This is usually caused by a slow or inconsistent internet connection, or by a slow server. In general, the information is not going between your computer and the server that you're playing on as quickly as it needs. While Minecraft may perform similarly to the issue above, your framerate may not always be low, and you may experience characters "jumping" from location to location as the server and computer catch up with what should be located where. If you're experiencing slowed performance due to a connection, you may need to pause or stop any current downloads, change your network settings, or you may require a faster internet connection.

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Last Updated - 2021-06-19 05:46:07 UTC

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