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Minecraft: Java Edition Reporting Compromised Accounts

This article only applies to Minecraft: Java Edition. If you suspect that only your personal account has become compromised, see My Account Was Stolen. 
Minecraft accounts are sometimes compromised by phishing or social engineering, and lists of those accounts often end up posted online. If you would like to report such a list, please follow the steps below. 

Report a Compromised Account 

  1. Verify that it is Minecraft login information. The list would be combinations of either usernames or emails and a password. 
  2. Test to see if any of them work. The reasoning behind this is that a thousand people could report the same list, which would generate too many support cases. If you are certain that some or all the login information works at Minecraft.net, we can Investigate further. 
  3. Check the list formatting. Most of these lists are in the format username:password or email:password. For any list over 50 entries, we require it in that format. 
  4. Send to Minecraft Support. If the above steps are true, please email your list to Minecraft Support and we will investigate further. 

Last Updated - 2021-06-19 00:41:12 UTC

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