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Migrating from Minecraft to a Mojang Account

If you log in with your email address, you already have a Mojang account and do not need to migrate a legacy account. 

Mojang accounts are the next step for Minecraft accounts and are your single sign-in resource for all Mojang games. If you log into Minecraft with your username, you can migrate your game to a Mojang account at account.mojang.com/migrate. 


What are the benefits of migrating a Minecraft account to a Mojang account? 

  • Ability to change your email address and Minecraft username 
  • All of your Mojang games in one place 
  • Use your Minecraft username for other Mojang games 
  • More account security, such as security questions 
  • Access to Minecraft Realms 
  • Ability to change your Minecraft skin and cape at minecraft.net 

What changes if I migrate to a Mojang account? 

If you migrate a Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you'll now use your email to sign in to all Mojang Studios services, including Minecraft and minecraft.net. Minecraft will become a game profile on your Mojang account, similar to a Scrolls or Cobalt game profile. 


I already log in with my email address but haven't migrated. What's that about? 

If you log in with your email address, that means your account is already a Mojang account. Mojang accounts were introduced in late 2012, so if you created an account after that time, you automatically have a Mojang account and you don't need to migrate. 

If you have any trouble migrating, visit our article on Account Migration Issues for more information. 

Last Updated - 2021-08-04 01:49:36 UTC

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