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Minecraft Marketplace Issues

Minecraft Marketplace Issues
This is for devices using the Bedrock editions of Minecraft, i.e. Minecraft for Windows 10, mobile, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One consoles and VR.
Minecraft Marketplace is a way to browse and purchase community made content from within the game. Content purchases in the Marketplace are made using a currency called Minecraft Coins, which is purchased in the game store.

If you want an introduction and an overview of Marketplace, you can visit our quick guide.
Where are my purchases stored?
If you have an Xbox Live account associated with your game and you were logged in at the time of purchase, your coins and content will be associated with your Xbox Live account. You can access these from any new device, provided you are logged in to the same account. For help with missing purchases, or any Xbox Live account support, contact Xbox Support.

If you do not have an Xbox Live account associated with your game, then your Marketplace purchases will be tied to the device used for the purchase. Please be aware, uninstalling the game will permanently delete any purchased coins and content purchased this way. For further billing and installation support, contact your device's app store.

To be able to access your purchases from other devices, we recommend that you link them to an Xbox Live account by signing in from the device used for the purchase.

Is there an option to give Minecraft Coins to someone as a gift?
Minecraft Coins are only available on the account where they were purchased, they cannot be given from one Xbox Live account to another.
I have run into a technical error (also called a "bug") in the game. How can I report it?
If you come across a bug in the game, you can report it in our bug tracker, and it will be reviewed. Before submitting a bug report, first search the bug tracker to see if the issue already has been reported. If it has, you can instead vote for it, which will increase its priority.
I noticed a problem with something I purchased in the Marketplace. How do I let you know?
If you find something that is broken or otherwise bothersome in something that you've purchased on Marketplace, you can find contact links in the Marketplace FAQ
Can Minecraft coins be refunded?
All Minecraft Coin purchases are final. However, if an unauthorized purchase was made on your account, contact the store support for the device that made the purchase.

I have more questions!
There's a handy Marketplace FAQ that should answer any other questions you might have.

If you have any general feedback on the Marketplace, feel free to share your thoughts on our feedback site

Last Updated - 2021-05-12 04:39:21 UTC

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