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Deleting an account

Note: Mojang accounts are only for Minecraft: Java Edition. 

If you have registered a Mojang account and would like to deactivate your account, please visit your account settings page. If you want to deactivate your account, please be aware that you will no longer be able to do the following: 

  • Log into Mojang Studios services with the deactivated account 
  • Register a new account with the email of the deactivated account 
  • Change an existing account's email to that of the deactivated account 

Deactivating an account will not free up the username to be used on a different account. 

Old Minecraft accounts (where you log into Minecraft with a username) do not have a deactivation feature. To deactivate an old Minecraft account, you must first migrate it a Mojang account. 


If you want to fully delete your account, contact Minecraft support and provide your transaction ID. 

If you play on a Bedrock version of Minecraft and use a Microsoft account to log in, you can delete your account by following the instructions at How to close your Microsoft account. 

Last Updated - 2022-01-26 11:28:12 UTC

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