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Transfer from PS3 to PS4/Vita

The PlayStation Editions of Minecraft are developed by 4J Studios, and support is provided by PlayStation. For help with your PlayStation games, purchases, accounts or hardware, please contact PlayStation Support.

If you want to transfer your worlds from PS3 to PS4 or PS Vita, follow these easy steps. While on your PlayStation 3:

  • Start Minecraft and press Play Game
  • In the list of your saved worlds, scroll down to the world you want to transfer
  • Select a world and press R1 to open the save options
  • Choose the alternative Upload save for PS Vita/PS4
  • Wait for the upload to be completed and press OK when you’re given the option

When you've performed those steps on your PlayStation 3, start your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita and do the following:

  • Open Minecraft and click Play Game
  • When in the game menu press the square to download your uploaded world
  • Wait for the download to complete and click OK

If you experience any issues with transferring worlds, contact PlayStation Support.

Expired update offer: As of February 25, 2016 the following upgrade offer and the DLC content transfer offers are no longer available. If you've bought Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition digitally, or played online with the the disc version, you can upgrade to PlayStation 4 Edition for $4.99. If you already own Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, you get the PS Vita version for free. Log into the PlayStation Store to upgrade.

Last Updated - 2020-03-29 13:39:02 UTC

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