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Minecraft Earth Patch Notes

New stuff (and some changes) coming your way on Minecraft Earth!

Minecraft Earth R10 Patch Notes 

New Features:

  • Do you ever wish there were two of you? There can be! Mob of Me is now available for purchase in the Store. 
  • Make it FASHION! You can now select a style from your Character Creator closet when placing their Mob of Me on a Buildplate. 
  • Stay charged all day by enabling Battery Saver Mode in game Settings. It turns your screen off when you turn your phone upside-down – cool!  


  • We added 10 new Adventures to keep things fresh in the new year. 
  • Know where you stand - Adventures now have a clearly defined proximity circle so you know when you’re close enough to enter. 
  • Instant gratification! Reward screens for Adventures load faster. 
  • Skeleton arrows now travel slower to limit the number of Adventurers with arrows in their knees. 
  • Adventure location reporting now allows for up to 250 character comments so that you can help us make Minecraft Earth a better place to play. 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue where Adventures didn't show the player receiving any rewards because it’s 2020 and YOU DESERVE THIS. 
  • Adventures now accurately indicate if they have been played by others. 
  • Good news, barbarian roleplayers! You can break blocks with swords again. 



New Smelting Recipes! 

  • Terracotta 
  • White Glazed Terracotta 
  • Orange Glazed Terracotta 
  • Magenta Glazed Terracotta 
  • Light blue Glazed Terracotta 
  • Yellow Glazed Terracotta 
  • Lime Glazed Terracotta 
  • Pink Glazed Terracotta 
  • Gray Glazed Terracotta 
  • Light gray Glazed Terracotta 
  • Cyan Glazed Terracotta 
  • Purple Glazed Terracotta 
  • Blue Glazed Terracotta 
  • Brown Glazed Terracotta 
  • Green Glazed Terracotta 
  • Red Glazed Terracotta 
  • Black Glazed Terracotta 

New Crafting Recipes!  

  • Clay Block 
  • White Terracotta 
  • Orange Terracotta 
  • Magenta Terracotta 
  • Light blue Terracotta 
  • Yellow Terracotta 
  • Lime Terracotta 
  • Pink Terracotta 
  • Gray Terracotta 
  • Light gray Terracotta 
  • Cyan Terracotta 
  • Purple Terracotta 
  • Blue Terracotta 
  • Brown Terracotta 
  • Green Terracotta 
  • Red Terracotta 
  • Black Terracotta 

Crafting Recipes That Were Missing But Are Not Missing Anymore! 

  • Stone Brick Wall 
  • Mossy Stone Brick Stairs 
  • Mossy Stone Brick Wall 
  • Mossy Stone Brick Slab 
  • Birch Slabs 
  • Light Grey Dye 
  • Packed Ice  
  • Lapis Lazuli Block  
  • Lapis Lazuli 
  • Bone Meal 





Minecraft Earth R9 Patch Notes


  • Get to know your way around with the new Build Mode tutorialmuch easier than putting together furniture IRL! 
  • Improved speed of sign-in and app resume speeds by up to 50% on all platforms because loading screens are only cute the first 5 times you see them. 
  • Free stuff! Players are now gifted starting items the first time they enter Build Mode. 
  • Location reporting now has comment box for specifying detailed reasons like “busy road,” “water feature,” and “super haunted, abandon hope ye who Adventure here.” 
  • Layout of your profile and Buildplates has been updated – spiffy! 
  • Not such a tough row to hoe farming in Buildplates now requires tools for harvesting. 
  • We added more Adventures for you to explore. ALGEBRAIC!  


  • Lofi Beats to Mine and Craft To: Buildplates build and play mode added Vanilla ambient music. 


  • Jolly Llama can eat ferns covered in snow because we don’t have iceberg lettuce in the game. 

Multiple major bug fixes, including: 

  • Game crashes 
  • Sign-in issues 
  • Some smelting bugs 
  • Lots of other stuff that you didn’t even know needed fixin 
  • All iOS players will need to resign in due to a change/fix we made in the process.


Minecraft Earth R8 Patch Notes

  • General
    • Added new hostile mob tracker for Adventures
    • Added notifications for complete but not collected challenges
    • Mooblooms now look correct when sheared for their buttercups
    • Added smelting intensity animations
  • Audio:
    • Updated audio in various parts of the game
  • Blocks:
    • Added support for many new blocks and items which will be coming soon:
      • snowball, bone, rotten flesh, gunpowder, raw salmon, food and nature items, acacia blocks
    • Added recipes for:
      • polished granite, andesite, diorite, and lapis blocks
  • Weapons/Tools
    • Improved Diamond Tool and Weapon damage.
    • Improved Iron Tool and Weapon damage
    • Improved effectiveness for using right tool on corresponding blocks
      • (ex: Shovel on dirt)
    • Decreased effectiveness of wrong tool on corresponding blocks
      • (ex: Sword on dirt)
  • Bugs:
    • 77 bug fixes! Including:
      • Cluckshrooms no longer drown when entering water
      • fix for salmon – they no longer disappear when put on buildplates
      • Locked crafting/smelting slot bug - Players that had all of their crafting/smelting slots locked should see this resolved in R8

Last Updated - 2020-01-22 15:30:00 UTC

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