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How to Avoid Scam and Phishing Emails

If you get an email that appears to be from Mojang Support make sure to check it for validity before sending any personal info. Any automated support emails from us will come from the email address noreply@mojang.comWe do not ask for information using forms and we will NEVER ask you for your password.  


In the fake email below, you can see that the email is not sent from noreply@mojang.com and they are asking for your personal/login information. 


If you receive an email and you're not sure it's from us, DO NOT RESPOND! We will never ask you for this information outside of our regular support channels, and never by asking you for it if you haven't contacted us first.

If you still need assistance or are not sure if an email was from us, you can contact our support team directly here


Last Updated - 2021-04-02 09:38:17 UTC

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