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Want to Report a Bad Guy?

We get lots of questions every day about how to report someone who is re-selling stolen accounts or trying to steal accounts (or bragging about it on Social Media). We hate that as much as you do. 

If you see someone selling Minecraft accounts, Capes, or bragging about stealing them - tell us about it.

We have a whole team of people who are working hard to shut down third party sales sites and individual Bad Guys.

You're probably asking yourself how you can help. Or you're not. Either way, I'm going to tell you:

*Don't buy accounts from third party sellers, resellers, fromsocial media, or from your friends. You're likely going to lose your money and still have no fancy account. We can't help you with those (even if you buy it from a "friend") because this violates our terms of service.

*Just like at the airport, if you see something, say something. Let us know if you see people selling accounts on social media or third party sellers. Take screenshots. We investigate every single claim.

*Don't get mad at your friend and accuse them of stealing your account. That's a rude thing to do and can get you both blocked from playing. 

*Keep your account information safe. Use two-factor authentication on your email, use strong passwords on all of your accounts, and change passwords frequently.

*Don't share passwords with anyone - even if you think they're your online friend.

And after all that, if you do see something that looks fishy, let us know here



Last Updated - 2021-08-03 01:56:41 UTC

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