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Minecraft with RTX Beta Known Issues List

Updated: 20 October 2020

Welcome to the Minecraft with RTX Beta Known Issues List! 

Minimum Requirements for the Minecraft with RTX Beta: 

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit 
  • GPU: Hardware ray-tracing capable GPU such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better 
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent 
  • RAM: 8GB+ 
  • Latest NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 
  • VR and Windows Phone are not supported 

Please note that at this time ray tracing cannot be enabled for all world seeds. To experience ray tracing you can either (1) download a free RTX-enabled world from the Marketplace or (2) create your own textures that make us of the physically-based rendering system and sideload them into the game. You can find instructions for creating your own PBR content for Minecraft at http://aka.ms/raytracingdocs 

Top Known Issues for the RTX Beta when Ray Tracing is Enabled: 

  • In the first-person mode, the whole character is not reflected in mirrors 
  • In the high field of view modes, hands may appear disjointed from the body and will disappear when holding an object  
  • Some objects are rendered in front of glass when placed behind  
  • Some Character Creator items may render incorrectly  
  • Game window flickers and scrambles during screen resizing 

Physically Based Materials and Texture Pack Authoring: 

  • At this time there is no support for authoring PBR materials for entities, skins, or Character Creator items 

Other Known Issues: 

  • Villagers with professions are spawning with unemployed villager clothes on 
  • Mooshroom's mushrooms are glowing slightly in the dark 
  • Slime mob has no face 
  • White/Grey Horses change their coat colors when wearing Leather Horse Armors 
  • Invisibility status has no effect on Enderman, Spider, Cave Spider and Phantom 
  • Stars are completely visible through clouds 
  • Underwater TNT Block looks like a normal TNT block 
  • Hopper from Minecart with Hopper does not have its interior rendered 
  • After throwing a Trident, the screen goes black for a moment 
  • Firework Rockets have black textures during launching animation 
  • Skin animations are absent with ray tracing enabled (i.e. blinking) 
  • Particle effects are not visible through transparent blocks held in the hand 
  • Blocks pushed by Pistons flash white 
  • Water is clipping through Boats 
  • Some Door and Trapdoor models render incorrectly when opened 
  • Torch flame is slightly offset from Torch stem when viewed through Glass 
  • Adjusting brightness in Video Settings Menu has no in-game effect 
  • Black square under Player's position while using a Locator Map 
  • Particles from destroyed blocks have the same brightness regardless of the time of day 




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