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Lego Redeem FAQ

How can I get the LEGO® Minecraft Dragon Slayer character skin? 

If you want to do battle with the ender dragon and need that awesome Dragon Slayer character skin, then you’ll need the unique code that comes in the LEGO Minecraft 21151 – The End Battle set. After you redeem the code and have the character skin, you’ll be ready to battle! Get your Minecraft LEGO set on the LEGO website.

What will I get from redeeming the code?

You will get the special LEGO-designed character skin for your avatar in the Minecraft game. It will look like the Minifigure in the LEGO set. 

How does the code work?

Your code is unique and works only once. This means that you can only redeem the code to one Microsoft account. 

How do I get a code?

You can find the code in the LEGO Minecraft set 21151 – The End Battle. 

Where do I find my code in the box?

The code is printed on the side of a 2x4 brick. The brick is sand/tan-colored. The code consists of a combination of letters and numbers. 

What do I do if there is no brick with a code in my LEGO Minecraft set?

If the brick is missing completely from the set, you can order a replacement brick. 

What do I do if there is no unique code in my box?

If there is no code printed on a brick in your LEGO Minecraft set, try ordering a replacement brick (see previous question), or you can contact LEGO Customer Service.

How do I redeem my code? (step-by-step guide)

You first need to redeem the code to the specific Microsoft account you want the content to be tied to. You can find help, tips, and video on how to redeem on the Xbox support page.

What do I do if my code is not recognized or not valid?

You can find help on the Redeem Gift Cards and Codes page. If that does not solve your issue, please contact the Xbox support team.

Do I need a Microsoft account?

Yes, we use Xbox Live with your Microsoft account to enable your character skin to be available to you on any supported platform.

Where do I find my downloadable content in-game? 

You can see these links for useful help:  

Do I need a special version of Minecraft to redeem the code?

You will need a Bedrock version of Minecraft to access your redeemed content. You need to redeem the code to the specific Microsoft account you want the content to be tied to. After you do this, you must sign in to Minecraft with that account on any device that has the game available in a Bedrock version. You must make sure the game is listed as “Minecraft” for this content to work properly. For example, games that are not listed as “Minecraft” but instead listed as something like “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” or “Minecraft: Wii U Edition” will not sync in-game items.

How do I activate my character skin in the game?

Launch Minecraft on any device and at the Main Menu screen, click the clothes hanger in the bottom-right corner of the screen, locate the skin pack and skin you want to use, and select Confirm to use the skin in-game.

Does the code work worldwide?

If you have access to the Minecraft Bedrock version, you should be able to redeem the code. Unfortunately, you cannot use the code if you live in China. In China, the LEGO Minecraft set is sold without the code, because the Minecraft Bedrock version is not available in China.

How do I get help?

For any issues with the Minecraft game reach out to Minecraft Support. If you’re having problems with the code or your LEGO set, please contact LEGO Customer Service. 

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