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Minecraft: Java Edition - I Was Charged but Did Not Receive the Game

If you see a pending charge on your account, and you did not receive an e-mail with a Transaction ID or the game, then your payment has failed. When this happens, a temporary hold is placed on the funds required for your purchase. In rare cases you might see more than one pending charge in your account as well. No need to worry, any pending charges should drop from your account as soon as your bank or card provider processes the transaction. Any held funds will be returned to your account. 

If you still wish to purchase the game, you may wish to try your purchase again or view other purchasing options. If you are using Internet Explorer, we suggest trying your purchase with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or on a mobile device. If you continue to have issues with the online payment system, you should check with your bank or credit card company, as some banks do not allow international purchases. If you are unable to make a purchase online, you may want to visit your local retailer to see if Minecraft prepaid cards are sold near you. 

If you have more than one confirmed purchase, please contact support here within 15 days of purchase and they will be more than happy to refund those extra charges. Be sure to include the Transaction ID of any other duplicate charges or else we will not be able to refund the purchase. 

For information on how to locate or recover transaction IDs, please check here. 

Last Updated - 2021-06-18 22:03:58 UTC

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