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Purchasing Minecraft From an Unauthorized Seller

Codes purchased through a code re-seller site 

 If your purchase was through a re-seller website, we do not have a record of it and therefore cannot verify your claim over the account or provide you with Support. 

Additionally, re-selling a code violates our Terms and Conditions. We cannot refund codes purchased from unauthorized retailers; we only refund a purchase at the request of the original buyer per our refunds policy. 

If you have made your purchase from an unauthorized seller, we're not able to refund you and you may wish to dispute your purchase directly with the seller. 


Here is a list of all authorized digital sellers of Minecraft 

  • Our website here. 
  • The Microsoft Store 
  • The Xbox Marketplace 
  • The PlayStation Store 
  • The Nintendo eShop 
  • The Google Play Store 
  • The iOS App Store 
  • Amazon.com 
  • NetEase  

Depending on your geographical location you may also be able to purchase Minecraft Prepaid cards for Java and Bedrock Editions from physical retailers in your area. 

If you see or know of any unauthorized sellers of Minecraft, you can report them by submitting a ticket to our support team here. 

Last Updated - 2021-06-18 15:18:15 UTC

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