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Creating an Account for Minecraft Dungeons

In order to play online multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons you may need to make a Microsoft account, if your platform requires it. Here is a list of requirements to access Minecraft Dungeons fully on each platform.

Windows 7/8/10 oXbox Game Pass for PC: Requires the following: 

  • Microsoft Account 

Xbox One or Xbox Game PassRequires the following: 

  • Xbox Account 
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription 

PlayStation 4Requires the following: 

  • PlayStation Network account 
  • PlayStation Plus subscription
  • Microsoft Account

Nintendo Switch: Requires the following: 

  • Nintendo Online account  
  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription 
  • Microsoft Account 


Purchasing Your Copy of Minecraft Dungeons 

Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased a few ways. The most important thing to remember when purchasing Minecraft Dungeons is choosing the correct gaming platform. Below lists where Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased for each specific platform. 

Windows 10/7/8 or Xbox Game Pass for PC:  

  • Minecraft Home Page here 
  • The Minecraft Dungeons website here 
  • Microsoft Digital Store here 
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC here (note canceling Xbox Game Pass will remove your access to Minecraft Dungeons) 

Xbox One or Xbox Game Pass:  

  • Xbox Marketplace 
  • Xbox Game Pass (Note: Canceling Game Pass will remove your access to Dungeons) 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

  • Will grant access to two separate copies of Minecraft Dungeons, one for Xbox One, and the other for Windows 10 PC. Saved data can’t be shared between the two versions. 

PlayStation 4 

  • PlayStation Store 

Nintendo Switch:  

  • Nintendo eShop 


Can a Minecraft Dungeons License Be Transferred to a Mojang/minecraft.net Account? 

It is not possible to add Minecraft Dungeons to the Minecraft: Java Edition launcher, as Minecraft Dungeons has its own dedicated client. Due to Minecraft Dungeons having its own dedicated client this also means that it is not possible to transfer or merge a Microsoft account or its content with a Mojang account.

How can I Change my Minecraft Dungeons In-Game Name? 

The in-game name you see in Minecraft Dungeons will be the name associated with the following accounts below. If you wish to change that name you will need to contact the appropriate support team. 

  • PC uses a player’s Xbox Live Gamertag as their in-game nameTo find out how to change your Gamertag go here. 
  • Xbox One uses a player’s Xbox Live Gamertag as their in-game nameTo find out how to change your Gamertag go here. 
  • PlayStation uses a player’s PlayStation Network Online ID as their in-game nameTo find out how to change your PSN ID go here. 
  • Nintendo Switch uses a player’s Nintendo Nickname before they link their Microsoft account. After linking with their Microsoft account, the players in-game name will be their chosen Xbox Live Gamertag (note: You must link your Nintendo account with a Microsoft account if you wish to play online)To find out how to change your online Gamertag go here. 

Last Updated - 2021-05-06 16:18:52 UTC

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