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Minecraft Launcher Failure

This article is intended to help troubleshoot issues with the launcher for Minecraft: Java Edition. 

There are many issues that can lead to the Minecraft Java Launcher becoming unresponsive or inoperable. Please follow this troubleshooting guide if you believe you are experiencing a similar error.  


Try Alternative Minecraft Launcher 

If you are having issues with the traditional Java launcher please consult the guide here and choose the alternative launcher or any other on the list that suits your needs.  


Check for Incompatible Software 

If you have this issue, please check whether you have installed any incompatible software installed on your computer. If there is, uninstall it. 

  • Look for any incompatible software listed on this site 
  • If any are found, uninstall them from your machine.  
  • After you have uninstalled any incompatible software, restart your PC for the changes to apply.  


Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft Java Edition 

When uninstalling Minecraft Java Edition please take care to create or update a backup of your worlds in case your system’s uninstallation process removes all related files.  

  • After you have uninstalled Minecraft, restart your PC for the changes to apply.  
  • Download the most recent version of Minecraft Java here 
  • Restore any save data and other assets you’ve chosen for your game.  


If these solutions did not solve your issue, return to Minecraft Troubleshooting here.  

Last Updated - 2021-04-12 23:30:19 UTC

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