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Minecraft Dungeons Downloadable Character File

At the launch of Minecraft Dungeons, there was an issue that would wipe all save data in the game. With the release of the hotfix, we fixed the data loss issues that were occurring on the Windows version of Minecraft Dungeons. If you were affected by this issue and lost your character’s progress, we would like to give you the opportunity to download a built up character so you don’t have to start over completely from the beginning. This article explains how to download and install the character save file.

Character Stats:

  • Level 36 / Power 35
  • All main missions unlocked on Default difficulty
  • A good amount of gear and artifacts to get you back into the fight



PLEASE NOTE that this save file can only be used on Windows PCs.

How to Install the Character:

  • Download 'minecraft-dungeons-save-level-36.zip' to your computer from the link above.
  • Open the file and you will see 'BE5B6CA641B5286EC2696FADBC7DC63C.dat' in a folder.
  • Open the start menu. Search for and open Run.
  • In the text field, type %HOMEPATH%\Saved Games\Mojang Studios\Dungeons


  • Click 'OK' to open.
  • You will see a folder with a 16-digit number (E.g. 2612325419657064). Open this folder, then open the "Characters" folder.
  • Copy 'BE5B6CA641B5286EC2696FADBC7DC63C.dat' into the folder. Be careful not to delete or modify any of the other files in this folder to prevent losing saved data.


  • Open Minecraft Dungeons. On the main menu, press Switch Hero and scroll to find the new character. Press Select to choose the character.


Last Updated - 2021-05-06 16:18:52 UTC

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