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Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass FAQ

What is the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass? 

The Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass is a bundle that includes four downloadable content (DLC) packs, as they become available. You can purchase the Season Pass for $19.99 USD. Plus, you'll get the DLCs at a discount compared to purchasing each one separately. Each DLC includes new levels, unique items, new parts of the story, and even more puzzles and mysteries to unlock! 


How does the Season Pass differ from the Hero Pass? 

The Season Pass does not include content from the Hero Pass. These two passes are sold separately. While Hero Pass contains the first two DLC packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, the Season Pass contains the next four DLC packs, starting with Howling Peaks. Here are the contents of each pass: 

Hero Pass

Season Pass

DLC 1: Jungle Awakens

DLC 3: Howling Peaks

DLC 2: Creeping Winter

DLC 4: Flames of the Nether

Hero Pass Cosmetics

DLC 5: Hidden Depths


DLC 6: Echoing Void


Does the DLC or Season Pass have to be purchased for each platform? 

You must purchase each DLC pack separately for each platform. Purchasing content on one platform will not grant access on another platform. 

Note: If you purchased the game for Windows 10 from the Windows Store, be sure to purchase DLC from there. If you play the game via the Minecraft Launcher, be sure to purchase any DLC through minecraftdungeons.net.

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