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Why Have I Been Banned from Minecraft?

We want players to have fun and be safe when playing Minecraft online with others, and as such, we have implemented moderation features such as permanent bans for the most egregious violations of ourCommunity Standardson Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Specifically, our highly trained moderation staff is looking at the most egregious violations in public Featured Servers and Realms (please review the Realms End User License Agreement). Personal worlds will not be reviewed. 


What happens when I’m banned? 

Players that have been found to be in violation of our Community Standards will see the message above when they attempt to sign in to Minecraft on any platform (non-Java Edition). Banned players are not allowed to play on servers, join Realms, host or join multiplayer games, or use the marketplace. They are also not allowed to access Minecraft Earth. Xbox players will no longer have access to their worlds. 


What causes permanent bans? 

Currently, permanent bans will be issued to players found in the most severe violations of ourCommunity Standards. We will be rolling out new moderation features in the months to come.  

Violations that may result in bans include: 

  • hate speech 
  • sexual content and soliciting improper contact 
  • real-life threats 
  • exposing the personal information of others 
  • posting links to malicious software 
  • impersonating staff 
  • cheating/exploits (this includes anything that would negatively affect another person’s gameplay experience) 
  • general commercial spamming 

If your account has been banned and you have a Realms Plus subscription, you should cancel your subscription so you will not be charged for content you cannot access.  

See How do I cancel my Minecraft Realms subscription? for instructionsto cancel. 

If you have been banned and would like more information, visit  Minecraft Support. Be sure to include the words "banned account" in your submission. 

Last Updated - 2021-06-17 00:02:19 UTC

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