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Recent Update on Android Devices

The recent update launched on November 17th fixed many issues that have been reported by players over the last few months. It also added a ton for creators to use in both their mining and crafting adventures, and you can read about all of this in the Patch Notes HERE. However, there are now a few issues that we're seeing on a few Android devices related to performance, where the game may crash or begin to run slowly. 

We always want to make sure that we're reducing the amount of crashes for everyone, but some Android devices may need adjustments to run more smoothly. The best way to stop/reduce these problems is to try some of the following solutions: 

  • Try to upgrade to the most recent version of Android. 
  • Reduce the "Render Distance" in the "Video" section in the settings menu from the default of 20 to 16. You can try going lower than this if necessary. 
  • In the same menu as above, change "Graphics" to Fast. This reduces graphical quality and allows the device to render faster. 
  • In the same menu as above, change "Clouds" to Off.  
  • In the same menu as above, change "Particles:" to Decreased or Minimal. This removes particle effects like smoke. 
  • If you have additional programs running in the background on the device, try pausing or exiting from those programs so that you can devote more processing power to Minecraft. 
  • While older devices may be able to run the game, they may also experience higher rates of crashes. You may want to decrease your "Render Distance" further to improve stability. Be aware that playing the game on an older version of the operating system your game play experience may be impacted by continued performance issues. 

Last Updated - 2021-05-12 14:03:58 UTC

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