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How to leave the Minecraft Ray Tracing Beta

If you’ve been playing and testing  Minecraft with ray tracing for Windows 10 beta, thank you! Your participation has helped find bugs, optimize performance, and introduce new features that have made the experience even more enjoyable. To get back onto the mainline branch of Minecraft, you’ll need to follow a few steps: 

  1. Back up your existing worlds, saves, and profiles, just in case 
  2. Open the Xbox Insider Hub application 
  3. Navigate to Insider Content and click onMinecraft 
  4. Click Manage, select “Unenroll”, and then Done 
  5. Wait a few minutes, then check for Minecraft updates in the Windows Store app 
  6. If you haven’t been updated, uninstall Minecraft completely, and install a fresh copy from the Windows Store 


And if you’re still having issues, uninstall Minecraft, log out from the Insider Hub, Xbox Companion App, and Windows Store. Restart your PC, then log back into the Windows Store and download a fresh version of Minecraft. 

This is the version you should see when you're done:


Last Updated - 2021-01-15 13:36:31 UTC

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