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Minecraft Realms and Multiplayer Troubleshooting

It may happen when you attempt to connect to Minecraft online that you encounter difficulties in establishing that connection. This article will assist in general troubleshooting for connection issues and will also link to other articles that offer more in depth troubleshooting for both Minecraft Bedrock Realms and Minecraft: Java Edition Realms.

Realms connection speeds can vary between individual players, devices, and networks. If you encounter connection or timeout errors in Realms, there are a number of things that you can do to attempt to resolve the issue. After attempting each of these steps, you should try connecting to your multiplayer game or Realm once again:

  • Bedrock: Make sure you’re not using a beta version of Minecraft. If you are, leave it and restart the game (Realms only works on non-beta versions).
  • Bedrock: If you’re playing on a Xbox, Sony PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to make sure you have that console’s online subscription service active. That means you need an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online as needed by your console.
  • Try closing the realm and reopening it again.
  • Try closing Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft: Java Edition and opening it again.
  • Try restarting your computer and see if this fixes the issue. Restarting can often clear errors in connections.
  • Try logging out of your Microsoft or Mojang account, closing the game, and then opening it back up to log in once again and try.
  • If using a wireless connection, ensure that you have a stable connection to your router. You may need to reset or restart your router using the standard methods for doing so.
  • Check your currently-running programs for anything that is using your internet bandwidth and close those programs.
  • If you have a firewall, antivirus, or are using a VPN, check the settings to be sure that it is not blocking or slowing your connection.
  • Bedrock: Configure your router to use moderate or open NAT.
  • If you’re on a stationary device, try connecting using an Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi.
  • Try reverting to a previous save of your world through your Realm’s backup menu.
  • Java: Switch the world slot and open a new world.
  • Bedrock: If you are under 18 make sure your parents log in to change your settings as below: 
    • blobid0.png
    • blobid1.png

Should you need to allow access to Minecraft Realms through your firewall, the ports that need to be open are 26000-28000 and port 80 and 443 without destructive proxies. This should be enough, and no server IP or hostname is needed.

Realms services are automatically set to a physical location nearest the Realm owner's IP. If for example, you live in the US, but the Realm you're connecting to is based in Australia, you may have a slightly lower connection speed than the owner of the Realm.

Some Internet service providers may limit connections to Azure, where Realms and many other popular web services are hosted. To find out more, contact your internet service provider.


Additional Steps:

There are a few issues related to Realms and Multiplayer play on Minecraft Bedrock that we know users are seeing. As we come up with permanent solutions to these problems, we have found that the following serve as good fixes for most of these instances in the meantime. The errors below will be split into those that may show up on both titles, and then those that will only show up on one or the other.


Error and Bug Help:

Client Outdated: When attempting to play on Minecraft Realms, if you see an error that states that your client is outdated, it means that you're using an older game version. To solve this, you will need to update your game to the latest release version of Minecraft.

For information on how to change your game version to the latest full release, visit https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360034754852-Changing-game-versions-


Minecraft Bedrock Specific Help:

Problems Playing While Using a Child Account: If you’re having problems connecting to Realms while playing with a Child Account, we have an article set up just to show you how to fix these issues here: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360042221252-I-m-Getting-an-Error-When-Trying-to-Play-Realms-with-a-Child-Account 

Not Displaying Any Realms List: If you encounter this error, it is most often solved by switching your internet connection on the device or by logging off and then back into your Microsoft account.

Not Displaying Servers: If you encounter this error, it is most often solved by switching your internet connection on the device or by logging off and then back into your Microsoft account.

Marketplace Doesn’t Display Anything: If you encounter this error, it is most often solved by switching your internet connection on the device or by logging off and then back into your Microsoft account.

Owner of Realm Stuck on Building Terrain / Realm Loads Immediately for Friends, but not for Owner: If you encounter this issue, it’s possible that your connection is failing to load some texture packs. You can attempt to remove those texture packs and re-enter the Realm to see if that works for you.

Prevented from Online Access of Microsoft Account: You may need to log into your Microsoft account outside of Minecraft. We recommend that you go to Xbox.com and log into your Microsoft Account/Xbox Live Account there. We’ve also heard of users reporting this issue when trying to connect to the same Microsoft Account and Minecraft across multiple devices at once. Your solution here would be to only play on a specific account on one device at a time.


Minecraft: Java Edition Specific Help:

Realms Error (429): When this issue occurs, attempt to switch your network to another network or do a general router reset/restart. We do occasionally see this issue from users who are using VPNs. If you are using a VPN, attempt to restart your VPN or reroute it.


Further Help:

The steps above are general but work on nearly every single case we see. If you If you have another technical issue with your Realm, please contact customer support, shortly describe the issue, provide the name of the Realm, and your Minecraft username if playing Minecraft: Java Edition or your Xbox Live Gamertag if playing Minecraft Bedrock.

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