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Differences Between Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft

While every version of Minecraft is still Minecraft, the differences between the Bedrock and Java versions can be quite extensive. To answer the question of which version is right for you, you will need to consider what features are most important to you. This article will break down the major differences and features of each version. 

Java Edition 

  • Customize your own skin – You can download any skin online or make your own and upload it to use in-game! 
  • PC only – Java Edition will run on Windows, macOS, and Linux 
  • Mods – Download community-made mods to change your gameplay experience 
  • Resource Intensive – Java Edition requires higher computer specifications to run smoothly 
  • No Cross-Play – Java Edition users can only play with other Java users 
  • Community – There are countless online servers and communities with all kinds of variations and mods to change up the multiplayer experience 

Bedrock Versions 

Note: Bedrock refers to any current non-Java Edition of the game. 

  • Multi-Platform – You can play Bedrock Editions on Minecraft console, mobile and PC 
  • Marketplace – Add-Ons or Skin packs can be purchased from the marketplace to change your gameplay experience 
  • Cross-Play – Bedrock players can play with any other Bedrock player online 
  • Runs Smooth – Bedrock Edition does not require powerful computers or devices to run and will often run more smoothly than Java Edition 
  • Controls – Bedrock Edition has the option to switch to a controller for movement or touch controls if on a mobile device 
  • Moderation and Parental Controls – Since Bedrock Editions are connected to Xbox’s services the online experience is more heavily moderated and parental controls can be finer tuned 

There are many more differences between the two versions, but these are the major ones to help you decide which edition is right for you.

Last Updated - 2023-02-06 19:43:15 UTC

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