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Understanding Minecraft Social Features for Child Safety Online

It is helpful to know how to monitor your child’s behavior while playing Minecraft. It is also important to know which Minecraft edition you child is playing on, either Minecraft (Bedrock) or Minecraft: Java Edition. Java edition is only for PC, while Bedrock edition is on consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10 and above. Here are the ways players can message each other through the game or with other messaging systems.  

Minecraft (Bedrock) and Minecraft: Java Edition 

  • Realms Chat - Realms are personal multiplayer servers that are hosted by Mojang. While in a Realm server anybody in the server can send and see messages via the chat system. 
  • Server Chat - Servers are personal multiplayer servers that aren’t hosted or moderated by Mojang. Multiplayer servers have also have a chat system for players to send and view messages. 
  • Signs - Players can use signs, which are in game items, to display text. Four lines of text can be used to communicate on signs. 
  • Book and Quill - Another in-game item that can be used to communicate or write text down for later 

Minecraft (Bedrock Editions only) 

Swear words and inappropriate language sent via realms chat, server chat, signs, book and quills will be censored. Players can be playing from a variety of different platforms which may have an additional messaging system. PlayStation players can send and receive messages via PSN. Other platforms will require you to have an Xbox Live account which you can also use to send and receive messages.  

See, how to configure parental controls for Minecraft.

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