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How to Use Minecraft Marketplace

The Minecraft Marketplace is an in-game store for community-made and official creations that include skin packs, texture packs, and worlds. You can purchase these creations using Minecoins, which can be bought in the game store. Not all community made content requires Minecoins; some packs and worlds can be downloaded for free. Marketplace is only available within the Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

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Navigating the Marketplace 

Upon entering the Marketplace, you will see all the featured content available, along with different categories for creations. You are able to browse the given categories or select the type of creations you would like to view. To narrow down the creations even further, you can click the search button. Here you can apply filters and use the sorting feature. 

Filters can be used to specify the type of content you would like to browse. There are multiple filters that can be applied to help you determine what you would like to purchase or download. Below are the filters that can be used: 

  • Pack Types - Choose the type of packs you would like to view, whether it be skins, textures, worlds or mashups of all three.  
  • Minecoins - Sort the creations by price range. Here you can also add a filter to view only free content.  
  • Ratings - View creations that have ratings with a certain star level. Creations are rated from 1 to 5 stars.   
  • Creators - If you have a favorite creator, you can add a filter to view only their creations. 
  • Bundles - Multiple packs included into a single bundle.  
  • Realms Plus - Content that is accessible with a Realms Plus subscription.  

The sorting feature is another useful tool when searching for creations on the Marketplace. Use this to have the content you view sorted by a certain criteria 


Downloading/Deleting content 

After a pack is bought, it is automatically downloaded. After the download is complete you have the option of equipping the skin/texture pack or creating the world you just bought. You can view the content you own by clicking on the “Username’s Packs” tab located at the top.  

To delete content, go to Settings, then under the General tab, click on Storage. Here you can click on the individual downloaded content and choose to delete it. You can always re-download purchased content in the Marketplace at any time.  


Equipping Skins/Textures 

To equip downloaded skins, go to Dressing Room from the bottom right side of the Minecraft main menu. Then click on Edit Character to choose which skin you want to equip from your owned content.  


To enable a texture pack, go to Settings, then Global Resources under the General tab. Click the My Packs tab to view your texture packs, here you can activate your desired texture pack. Once activated it will show up in the Active tab, this is where you can deactivate texture packs.  


For more information about the Minecraft Marketplace check out our Marketplace FAQs and quick guide.

Last Updated - 2023-02-06 08:45:46 UTC

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