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Minecraft Dungeons - Secret Levels

There are many secret levels throughout Minecraft Dungeons, on the mainland and on the surrounding islands. These secret levels are not easy to come by and there is no guarantee that its location will appear when you play. This article gives you an overall description of the secret levels and what areas they can be found in. 

Secret Levels on the mainland and Jungle Island 

These are the general locations of the secret levels: 

  • Creepy Crypt (access from Creeper Woods) 
  • Soggy Cave (access from Soggy Swamp) 
  • Under halls (access from Highblock Halls)                                                
  • Arch Haven (access from Pumpkin Pastures) 
  • Panda Plateau (access from Dingy Jungle - DLC Only) 

This article does not provide instructions on where to find treasure or how to open each of the secret levels. It is only to give a description of the secret levels to help the player(s) if they choose to unlock these areas. 

Creepy Crypt 

The Goal: 

  • Find the Tome  
  • Leave the Crypt 

It is the second location unlocked in the game after the Squid Coast. It is a heavily wooded area with hills and narrow bridges. It is here you will encounter skeletons, armored zombies, creepers, and more. The secret level “Creepy Crypt” is hidden along one of the paths. The crypt generates at random so it may take a few tries before it spawns in a location. You will have to search the whole map to make sure you cover everything. It is helpful to check your map often.  

Soggy Cave 

The Goal: 

  • Find the Lost Ruins  
  • Explore the Ruins 

This is the third location that is unlocked, protected by Illagers, witches, and jellied slime. The waterlogged terrain makes it hard to navigate. The mobs that that will surely swarm you upon finding the secret level will be hard especially with chest being located in a random location, not to mention the off chance of the secret location the “Soggy Cave”. The best chance is to search everywhere on the map and look for anything that may seem out of place. 

Under Halls 

The Goal: 

  • Find the hidden access path 
  • Explore the under-hall dungeons 

Home to the Dungeons of Highblock, searching for access to the under halls is a short mission, but worth the grind. With a common spawn rate this location is easier to find compared to other locations. 

Arch Haven 

The Goal: 

  • Find the pirate ship 
  • Locate the secret passage 
  • Get the map 

By far one of the harder locations to find. You can never be quite sure where and when this secret will show up. At Illager’s Hideaway you will have your hands full searching for this location and fending off numerous mobs while making your way from the beach. This is also a great opportunity to loot and gather some gear. Beware of traps as discovering its treasures won’t be easy.  

Panda Plateau 

The Goal: 

  • Unlock Panda Plateau 
  • Get the scroll 

Hidden in Beyond the Jungle, a secret dungeon lies in wait for a hero to seek its treasure. The access to the secret level of Panda plateau is playable once you have completed the task of finding the Shard of the Orb Dominance. Expect to be met with mobs of ocelots, mossy skeletons, jungle zombies, and many new obstacles. 

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