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Minecraft - Rare Structures

The world of Minecraft is a vast and endless realm where players should expect the unexpected while exploring. With the many different biomes and regions there is also the chance that a structure or building will generate. Now, what they are can vary from villages with houses and roads, to dungeons with endless hallways, and so on.  

Each serves their own practical purpose to the player. Villages allow players to trade with villagers and stock up on supplies. Others, like fortresses, present a high-risk high-reward scenario where only the bravest of souls can reap the benefits by diving headfirst into the unknown.  

While the game features dozens of structures and buildings waiting to be explored, it should be noted that they can be difficult to find. Nevertheless, the rewards and potential use of some of these structures can be more than worth the trip. So, gather your friends, keep those torches in hand, and stay wary because you never know where you might find one of these hidden gems.

Examples of Rare Structures 

Here are some examples of what players can possibly find while on their journey. 

Villages: Found in numerous biomes are home to several villagers that the player can trade with. The size of the village and number of villagers can vary greatly. 


Woodland Mansion: These are exceptionally rare generated structures. They contain dimly-lit rooms which may contain chests of useful and rare materials. Be careful as mobs might be waiting for you as well


Strongholds: These are underground structures, usually found beneath the surface of the Overworld. These can be quite expansive and may take some significant work to uncover all the stronghold’s secrets.


Endship: Little is known about these extremely rare structures. Only that they have mostly been seen near The Outer End. 


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