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Accessibility Settings for Minecraft Dungeons

We believe everyone should be empowered and enabled to play Minecraft Dungeons. This article will focus on accessibility options available in Minecraft Dungeons.    

Note: Upon start-up, the first screen with interactivity on it is the Title Page.  When you hear background music for the first time, this is where you need to Press Any Button.  Once you do that, the game will look for your saved profile. 

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Accessibility Settings 

Minecraft Dungeons includes an Accessibility Menu. Select it from the Main Menu or via Settings from in-game.  

Settings Available on the Accessibility Start Menu 

There are more accessibility options available once you reach the main menu.  

  • Text-to-Speech: On/Off 
  • Subtitles: On/Off 
  • Enemy Outline Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Green, Mint Green, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Lavender, and White. 
  • Chat Wheel Type: Hold & Release or Press & Select 
  • Screen Shake: Turns the screen shake effect on or off. Turn it off if you experience nausea while playing. 

Accessible Menu Navigation and Narration

Minecraft Dungeons (using English as a language) includes the ability to navigate the menus in an accessible way using a keyboard or controller. 

About Menu UI Narration 

  • If you have a screen reader enabled on your PC, Minecraft Dungeons will automatically enable menu UI narration when the game is launched. 
  • Menu UI narration can be enabled and disabled in the Accessibility Menu. 

Tips on Navigating Menus 

  • Use a controller (or keyboard on PC) to navigate all menus in Minecraft Dungeons. 
  • Use the Escape key as a shortcut to go back to the previous selection or close the current screen in Minecraft Dungeons edition on PC. 

Tips on Navigating the Minecraft Launcher 

The Minecraft Launcher includes audio cues to help players navigate the login and launch experience. To enable audio cues on the Minecraft Launcher, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B. You should hear a sparkle ringing sound to confirm that the sound is enabled. 

  • When you have opened the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher, navigate with the Tab key until you reach Login (Narrator will say “Login Button”). 
  • Press Enter, and you will be prompted with the Xbox login flow (Narrator will say “Welcome to Xbox). 
  • Navigate with the Tab key until you reach the Sign-in button (Narrator will say “Sign-un button”) and press Enter and follow the instructions to login. 
  • Once logged in, you can navigate to the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher with the Tab key. 
  • To launch the Minecraft Dungeons game, navigate to the Play button (Narrator will say “Play button”), then press Enter. 

Enabling Friends Menu in Multiplayer 

When starting or playing an Online game, a button that accesses the Friends menu is located in the top right corner of the game screen user interface. Press F or your Left Mouse Button to enter this menu.  Once inside, you can see which of your Friends are online, and you have the option of inviting them to your game. 

When an invitation to play is received, currently, the Windows Narrator will not read the message if a gamepad is being used. Players must press the Menu button on their controller to accept this invitation. 

Reconnecting Online

If you get disconnected, when returned to the Main Menu, there will be a prompt in the bottom left portion of the screen which asks you to press down on the Left controller stick.  This will reconnect your session. 

Accessible Chat Using Text-to-Speech

Minecraft Dungeons includes an option to use text-to-speech for chat during any game session. Minecraft Dungeons chat feature is made up of predefined icon-based commands that are consolidated into a Communication Wheel.  

To enable text-to-speech for this, use the Accessibility Menu in Settings.

Tips on using text-to-speech for chat

  • Visit the Controller/Key Binding menu to learn how to invoke the Communication Wheel
  • Icon-based messages sent by you or other players are displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. If text-to-speech has been enabled, the screen reader will announce the chat message sent. 
  • As the messages are predefined and short, there is currently no way for users to view previously sent messages. 

Future Accessibility Features 

Minecraft Dungeons is working on improving the existing features and adding additional features for accessibility in future updates. We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what is most important to you. Please submit your ideas at https://feedback.minecraft.net. 

Last Updated - 2022-12-09 14:01:24 UTC

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