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Migration Eligibility Email

As the migration from Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts grows nearer, it is important to know when you are eligible to migrate your account. We have said previously that we will send you an email when it is your turn to migrate. In an effort to keep accounts safe, we will not be sending an email when you are eligible to migrate. 

Instead, you will be notified through the Minecraft launcher and on your profile page on minecraft.net. The ONLY way to tell if you have been invited to migrate will be to log in to the Minecraft home page and check your account settings.  



If anyone emails you prompting you to migrate your Mojang account, ignore the email and check your profile page to confirm.

Note: We will never ask you for your login info unless you have reached out to support first and we still will NEVER ask you for your password. If you do not see a prompt to migrate in your account, do not reply to the email you were sent. 

Additionally, there are no other sites that will allow you to migrate your account. You can only migrate through minecraft.net once you are eligible.  

We will only ever send you an email through noreply@mojang.com or support@minecraftfeedback.zendesk.com. Any email received from an email not mentioned is not from Mojang.  

If you receive an email and are not sure of the legitimacy, contact Minecraft Support. 

Last Updated - 2023-02-07 14:01:21 UTC

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