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Minecraft Dungeons on Steam FAQ 

Prepare for battle: Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Steam on September 22, 2021! We know you may have questions about Dungeons on Steam, so we made this nifty guide to help. 

How can I create a Steam account? 

To create your own Steam account, please visit the Steam sign-up page. You can also create an account from the Steam Launcher, once you have it downloaded (shown below). 

If I already have this on PC, is it the same? Will I have to rebuy? 

While Minecraft Dungeons is the same game, if you would like to play through Steam you will need to repurchase the game on the Steam store page. 

If I already own the DLC on another platform, will it transfer to the Steam version? 

No, DLC must be purchased individually for each version and will not transfer to different platform.  

How will achievements work if I already own the game? 

If you already own/have played Minecraft Dungeons, achievements you have previously collected may automatically populate on Steam when you launch the game. If you would like to avoid this and start your achievement hunting from scratch, you will need to clear your old save data from your computer first. 

Do I need to be online to play?

Yes, you will need to be online to play Minecraft Dungeons on Steam. Offline play is not supported at this time.

Can I still use the Unified Launcher? 

The Steam version has its own launcher, which is separate from the Unified Launcher. If you purchased Minecraft Dungeons through Steam, you will launch the game from your Steam library and play it there. If you currently use the Unified Launcher you do not have to repurchase the game and can continue to use the Unified Launcher. 

Is Steam Workshop be supported? 

Minecraft Dungeons is not participating in Steam Workshop.

Can I use my Steam controller? 

As of release, only a keyboard + mouse or an Xbox One controller are supported. 

Where do I go if I need refund or technical support? 

Refunds, troubleshooting, and technical support for Minecraft Dungeons on Steam will be handled by Steam Support. You can contact them here for assistance. 

Is there cross-platform play? 

Yes! Cross-platform play has been enabled so you can team up with friends across consoles and PC. 

What about cross-platform saves? 

Minecraft Dungeons utilizes cloud saving. You can learn more about that in our Cloud Saves and Backing Up Heroes FAQ. 

Do I need a Microsoft account? 

Yes, you still use a Microsoft account to play Dungeons on Steam. If you need to create one, please visit the Microsoft sign-up page. Your Microsoft login should only be needed the first time you launch the game. 

What do I get with Ultimate Edition and the Ultimate DLC Bundle? 

Check out our FAQ for the complete contents of the Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Bundle.

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