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Minecraft: Java Edition Username VS Gamertag FAQ


Gamertags are used for Microsoft accounts only. If you view your Microsoft account online, you will see your Gamertag as your account name and not your Minecraft Username. Any purchase information and account settings tied to your Microsoft account will display your Gamertag. You can find your Gamertag by signing into https://www.xbox.com/en-US/ and checking the top right.   

In this example the Gamertag is MCgtag1.  


When playing Minecraft: Java Edition you will see your Username in-game and not your Gamertag. The only time you will see your Minecraft Username is in-game and in your Minecraft account settings. You will still be able to view and change your Minecraft: Java Edition Username as usual on www.minecraft.net. Just navigate to your profile information.   

In this example the Minecraft Username is “mooboom” 


Why Do I Need a Gamertag?  

If you have owned an Xbox before you are most likely familiar with Gamertags. If you haven’t, Gamertags are the names you will see in game above player’s heads in multiplayer when playing any Bedrock versions of Minecraft.  

Since Bedrock versions of Minecraft uses Xbox’s account system for multiplayer, you will have a Gamertag even if you do not play on Xbox or Windows 10. On some platforms you may also have a profile name that does not match your Gamertag. 

If you use a Microsoft account to login to Minecraft: Java Edition you will also have a Gamertag associated with your account, however it will not display in-game. Instead, you will see the Username you set up on minecraft.net in-game.  

If you want to change your Gamertag you can do so by logging into your Microsoft account at: https://www.xbox.com/en-US  

If you play on a mobile device, you may not have a Gamertag as you do not need to sign into a Microsoft account in order to play. However, if you wish to play online you will need to link a Microsoft account and create a Gamertag. 



What are the requirements for creating a username? 

  • Must have 3-16 characters
  • No Spaces are allowed between characters

Accepted characters: 

  • A-Z (upper and lower case)
  • 0-9
  • The only special character accepted is _ (underscore)

Note: You can no longer create usernames with less than three characters. 


Where can I find my username? 

If you have a Mojang account, you can find and edit your username on your Mojang account page


Can I change my username? 

Users who have a Mojang account or a Microsoft account can change their username for free at www.minecraft.net/en-us/profile. Click Change next to your profile name. 

If you have an older account and you sign in with your username, you need to migrate to a Mojang account before you can change your username. Minecraft support is unable to assist with changing usernames as system is set up to be self-service.


How often can I change my username? 

You can change your username once every 30 days. When you change your username, your previous name is saved for 37 days. This gives you an additional week to change back if you change your mind before your previous username becomes available to anyone else. 


If I change my username, can other players see my previous usernames? 

Yes. username changes are set up so that you can get a username that you prefer and are not designed to circumvent bans or mislead. Previous usernames are saved and visible to other players. 


If my old username had my name in it, can I have this name removed from my username history? 

Yes. If your current or past usernames have any personally identifiable information in them, you can contact Minecraft Support and have it removed from your history. 

Note: This request is strictly limited to personally identifiable information. 

After I changed my username, I got the error message “not authenticated with Minecraft.net” when I changed my username, what should I do? 

 You must log out completely and then log back in. This refreshes your profile's authentication and connection with our servers. 


Log out and log back in 

  1. In the Minecraft game launcher, click your username or email address in the top right corner.
  2. Click Log out.
  3. Log back in with your account credentials.


If I ban someone on my server, and they change their username, do they remain banned? 

Yes, and the same is true when someone is whitelisted, or has Operator level permissions. Account-level features on an unmodified or “Vanilla” server stay the same because the system is using your profile's unique ID instead of the username.  

Note: This does not include the scoreboard system, which uses usernames, and is not meant to store long-term player data. 


Is there username moderation? Can I report someone? 

 Mojang Studios has always had a pretty relaxed stance on usernames. Someone who chooses an inappropriate username is often banned by the servers that they join. Even though username changes are now a feature, people have been able to register questionably appropriate usernames since 2009, and the community has self-regulated.  

Do not report other player’ usernames to Mojang Studiosif you encounter an inappropriate name while playing on a server, please report it to the server owner. With that in mind however, Mojang Studios reserves the right to change offensive names. 



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