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Minecraft: Java Edition Game Crashes, Performance, and Graphics Issues FAQ 

This article addresses Minecraft: Java Edition technical issues only. See Minecraft technical issues articles for help. 

This article includes everything you need to know about Minecraft: Java Edition game crashes, graphical issues, and performance issues. 

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Issues with Frame or Pixel Format  

If the Minecraft launcher won't start or you receive an error message saying, ‘Pixel format not accelerated,’ you may have outdated video card drivers.  
The error message ‘Pixel format not accelerated,’ also referred to as a problematic frame, is usually caused by having out-of-date or bad video card drivers.

While most of the time, this error is caused by the video card drivers being out of date, it can also be caused by a gamepad device or something being interpreted as a gamepad device (headphones, controller, etc.) If this is possible, try disconnecting any other devices that you have connected to your computer, then restart Minecraft.  

Update your Video Card Drivers

If you’re experiencing technical or performance issues with Minecraft, try updating your graphics card drivers. 
First, determine what type of video card drivers you have.  

Caution Do not use Windows Update to detect the drivers that you need automatically; the manufacturers tend to be more up-to-date.  

Use the following instructions to locate your operating system and then perform the steps for your OS. 


  1. Press the Windows key and the R key at the same time.  
  2. In the Run box, type “dxdiag” and then press Enter. 
  3. Click the Display tab in the dxdiag window. 
  4. Find the video card manufacturer name and model name. 


  1. Open your terminal. 
  2. Enter “lspci -v | less”. 
  3. Find the line that says VGA Compatible or Video Controller.  
  4. Find the video card manufacturer and model name. 

Mac OS X 

  • Most Apple computers come with built-in drivers and a graphics card that cannot be changed. Check to see that your system is up to date. 
    Once you have the manufacturer's name, visit their website to discover which drivers you need. 

Common driver download links 



After you have downloaded and installed the drivers, you must restart your computer. If you still see the error message after this update, your computer may not meet the system requirements to play Minecraft.

If you find that your system does not meet the system requirements to run the game, you can request a refund if you make this request during the refund policy window. See more on the refund policy for Minecraft editions.

How to Fix a Missing DLL Error  

If you see this error message when you try to open the Minecraft: Java Edition launcher, it means a file is missing.  

You need to check your computer for software updates.  


Check for Software Updates  

  1. Check for and apply any updates your computer needs. Specifically, any graphics card or system updates.   
  2. Restart your computer after updates have been completed.    

This should fix the issue; the missing files should be reinstalled.   

Launcher Failure  

If your Minecraft: Java Edition launcher has become unresponsive or inoperable, please follow this troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.  

Try an Alternative Minecraft Launcher  

If you are having issues with the traditional Java launcher, see: alternative download options for Minecraft: Java Edition guide and choose the alternative launcher, or any other option on the list that suits your needs.  

Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft: Java Edition  

When uninstalling Minecraft Java Edition please make sure to create or update a backup of your worlds in case your system's uninstallation process removes all related files.  

  • After you uninstall Minecraft, restart your PC for the changes to apply.  
  • Download the most recent version of Minecraft: Java Edition on the download page.  
  • Restore any save data and other assets you've chosen for your game.  

Error or Crash When Loading Resource Packs 

If resource packs or mods fail to load or cause your game to crash, you will need to uninstall and reinstall them one at a time to find which one is the cause.

Tip: If you know the order in which you installed them, you can uninstall them in reverse order, testing after each uninstall.   

Since resource packs and mods are not created by Mojang Studios, we do not offer support for them. If you need further assistance, contact the author of the mod or resource pack.  

Pink and Black Checkered Boxes Appear Where Textures Should Be 

When textures from resource packs do not load properly, the game replaces them with pink and black checkered boxes. This occurs when the textures are not in the game’s assigned directory folder or did not download correctly.   

To restore textures, you need to delete them and download your textures again. 

Minecraft: Java Edition   

  1. Launch Minecraft, click Options, then click Resource Packs. 
  2. Open the Resources Pack folder and delete all textures from this folder.   
  3. Download the textures again to the folder.  

If these steps do not resolve your issue try reaching out to the creator of the resource packs for help. 

Game Out of Memory Error  

When you try to play the game and see this error message, you’ll need to troubleshoot system memory issues. It may be fixed by a simple system reset (reboot) but it may have to do with the amount of RAM allocated on your device.  blobid1.png

Troubleshoot Memory Issues  

Reboot/Restart Your Computer   

  • Close all programs and restart your computer.  
  • Launch Minecraft.  

Change Settings to Free Up Memory    

It is not uncommon for a player to have their game settings set higher than what is recommended for their system or device setup. Try these adjustments to see if they free up enough memory to launch your game.  

  • Lowering the Video Settings in your Pause menu.   
  • Adjusting some or all settings to a lower quality can help the game run a bit more smoothly.   

Checking the Allotted RAM with your Device/Server   

Sometimes the memory Minecraft uses surpasses the amount of RAM you have available on your device or server. For Java users specifically, this may require server downsizing as your game might have too many objects or settings to load and not enough memory to keep up with what needs to be generated.  

  • Check to make sure your system requirements meet theminimum system criteria. 
  • Downsize your server if necessary   
  • Adjust your settings to lower quality requirements  

Restart your server once you have performed these actions.  

If you are using any game mods that may be causing an issue with memory, refer to those individual sources for additional help. If nothing else helps, you may need to upgrade the RAM on your server.  

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