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Minecraft Game Crashes, Performance, and Graphics Issues FAQ 

This article addresses Bedrock versions of Minecraft technical issues only (Console, Mobile, PC). See Java Edition technical issues articles for help with Minecraft: Java Edition. 

If you're on Windows or Xbox and are experiencing an error code, try checking the Xbox Support list of codes in tandem with this article to help solve your issue. 

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Technical, Graphical, or Performance Issues

Try updating your graphics card drivers if you’re experiencing technical, graphical, or performance issues with Minecraft.  

First, determine what type of video card drivers you have.   

Caution: Do not use Windows Update to detect the drivers that you need automatically; the manufacturer's websites tend to be more up-to-date.   

Use the following instructions to locate your operating system and then perform the steps for your OS:  


  1. Press the Windows key and the R key at the same time.    
  2. In the Run box type “dxdiag” and then press Enter.   
  3. Click the Display tab in the dxdiag window.   
  4. Find the video card manufacturer name and model name.   

Common Driver Download Links 


After you download and install the drivers, you must restart your computer. If you still see the error message after this update, your computer may not meet the system requirements to play Minecraft.  

If you find that your system does not meet the system requirements to run the game, you can request a refund if you make this request during the refund policy window.   

See:Mojang Refund Policy for further information. 

Pink and black checkered boxes appear where textures should be; how do I fix this? 

When textures from resource packs do not load properly, the game replaces them with pink and black checkered boxes. This occurs when the textures are not in the game’s assigned directory folder or did not download correctly.    

To restore textures, you must delete them and download them again.  

Minecraft for Windows:  

  1. Launch Minecraft and go to Settings.    
  2. In the Storage folder, delete all the textures.    
  3. Download the textures again to this folder.    

If this does not solve your issue, try reaching out to the creator of the resource packs for help.    

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