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Managing Data and Game Storage in Minecraft: Java Edition

This article applies to Minecraft: Java Edition only. Click here for Minecraft Bedrock versions. 

This article details everything you need to know about managing data and game storage in Minecraft: Java Edition.

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Note: Be sure to preserve your world. Worlds can get corrupted at any time, and the only way to recover them is through a backup. To minimize risk, use your device's cloud-saving capabilities, or make a manual backup using the steps below.

Back up Minecraft Worlds

It is recommended to back up your Minecraft worlds to prevent them from being lost. This is especially important if you want to try out an experimental version of Minecraft such as a snapshot or beta. 

Backing up Minecraft: Java Edition worlds is as easy as copying the world folders. You can save copies of your world folders on the same computer or store them on any other storage media.  See below for information about where to locate your worlds and how to transfer them, see Transfer Minecraft: Java Edition to another computer. 

If you receive an error report that you are almost out of storage space, go into the saved game data in-game settings to delete files manually. To do so follow the steps below: 

  • Sign into your account. 
  • Choose the world or Realm you would like to delete. 
  • Select the edit icon to the right of the world or Realm name. 
  • On the game settings screen, scroll to the bottom and select Delete

Resource packs, textures, skins, and mods are also stored in your local storage and account for total data size per local profile.  

Downloaded content and add-ons must be stored locally for fast loading. 

*As of the Caves & Cliffs Part II update, players loading up an existing world after updating to version 1.18 will be prompted to create a backup before playing. A backup is recommended in the event that you would like to revert back to pre-update world generation features for that world. For more information about Caves & Cliffs Part II, read the dedicated FAQ.

Where are Minecraft files stored? 

The file to run the launcher is wherever you saved it. This may or may not default to your desktop or Downloads folder.  

Find additional launcher files 

  • Launch Minecraft, then log in. 
  • Go to Launch Options, choose a launch configuration, and then click the green arrow next to Game Directory

Tip: Latest Release is the default launch configuration. 


~ is your home directory, usually /home/YOURNAME, so ~/.minecraft would be /home/YOURNAME/.minecraft/. 


Open Finder then paste: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft in the Search box. 


Press Win+R > type %appdata%\.minecraft > press Ok

Transfer Minecraft: Java Edition to another computer

Please be cautious with moving or modifying your save files. We advise that you make a backup before you perform any actions in this folder. You can back up your files by copying them and storing them in another folder or on a USB drive. 

Start by finding your saves folder. You can find all Minecraft folders, including the saves folder, by going into the game launcher: 

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and log in. 
  2. Select Launch options, and then select the launcher configuration you are running (the default is set to Latest release).  
  3. Locate the Game directory selection and select the little green arrow to the right of it. A new window will open containing your Minecraft folder. When you open the saves folder, you will see all your saved worlds in different folders. 
  4. Place the world folder(s) that you want to transfer onto a portable storage device, file-sharing software, or cloud computing service. 
  5. After the files are ready to be transferred, place them in the new computer's saves folder, and they will be available in your list of single-player worlds. 

How to fix a corrupted world save

Note: Always make backups whenever you are modifying any game files! 

Minecraft occasionally encounters an issue that can corrupt the save data of a world save. When this happens, the chunks in the game can be reset to how they were when the world was generated, or they can disappear completely. Many factors can cause corruption and, in some cases, can prevent the world from being opened at all. However, not all hope is lost if a world save is corrupted. 

The process of fixing a corrupt world can be a bit challenging and is not guaranteed to fix the world every time. Making frequent backups of your world will always be the best and safest way to make sure you can recover from a corrupt save file. Always make a backup before you attempt this process, even if your world has already been corrupted.  

Because this process involves transferring and modifying files on your system, Minecraft support is not able to assist with this issue. However, there are many community resources available online to help walk you through the steps. Minecraft support cannot guarantee that this process will work, so please proceed at your own risk.

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