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Minecraft Dungeons DLC FAQ

This article provides information on Minecraft Dungeons' DLC.

Note: If you're buying Minecraft Dungeons DLC off of the Minecraft Dungeons website, please be aware of which version you're buying for. If you have the Windows 7/8 version of the game, only the Windows 7/8 version of the DLC will work. The same applies to the Windows 10 version. A marker on the top left of the DLC's image shows which version it is.


Windows 7 and 8 vs Windows 10

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Does the DLC have to be purchased for each platform? 

Each DLC pack must be purchased separately for each platform. Purchasing content on one platform will not grant access on another platform. If you purchased the game for Windows 10 from the Windows Store, be sure to purchase the DLC from there. 

How do I install DLC packs?

Please check out How to Install Downloadable Content and Hero Pass Content for a step-by-step guide on installing downloadable content for your platform.

How do I install game updates?

Please check out How to Update Minecraft Dungeons that will guide you through how to update Minecraft Dungeons on your platform of choice so you can enjoy the latest new features and bug fixes.

Does everyone need to own the DLC to play new missions together?

If the host of a game session owns the DLC, players that do not own them can still join the host and play the new missions. All players will still be able to obtain new gear that is dropped, even if they don’t own the DLC. You will need to purchase the DLC if you want to play the new missions in your own game session.

How do I access DLC content missions? Do I have to complete the main story first?

After installing the DLC, head to the Mission Select map in the Camp and navigate and find The Stronghold mission to start your adventure.

If the content does not appear, ensure that Minecraft Dungeons is updated to the latest version via an internet connection before accessing the new content.

Where can I find patch notes for the latest update?

Minecraft Dungeons patch notes can be found at aka.ms/DungeonsUpdate.

Where can I report bugs and post feedback?

Any bugs encountered in Minecraft Dungeons can be reported at aka.ms/DungeonsBugs and all feedback/suggestions can be posted to aka.ms/DungeonsFeedback.

Where can I get help?

For issues related to Minecraft Dungeons, please visit our Minecraft Dungeons support articles. Any inquiries related to Microsoft accounts and the Xbox Live service can be directed to Xbox Support.

Echoing Void DLC

What is included with Echoing Void?

In the Echoing Void DLC, you’ll face bold new enemies, collect legendary gear, and make your way through challenging missions to put a stop to the untold threats that lurk in the dark dimension in which Endermen reside.


  • Three new missions
  • All-new mobs and enemies
  • New weapons, gear, and artifacts
  • Two new skins and a pet

What free content is coming alongside Echoing Void?

Along with the release of the paid DLC, there is also a free update that will be available with new enchantments and the Gauntlet of Gales mission.

The puzzles and winding paths are aplenty in the Gauntlet of Gales. Enter the sanctum and complete the challenges to say that you’ve truly conquered the gauntlet!

Flames of the Nether DLC

What is included with Flames of the Nether?

Minecraft Dungeons has arrived in the Nether! This DLC bursts at the seams with new content for those brave enough to take on the greatest challenges yet. The DLC is available for $5.99 USD and is also included as the second DLC for those that own the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass.

  • Six new Nether missions
  • Take down new enemies from the Nether
  • New weapons, gear, and artifacts
  • Two new skins and a Baby Ghast pet

Want to see some gameplay? Watch the fantastic Minecraft Developer Diary where the development team walks you through some of the exciting things you’ll find in Flames of the Nether!

What free content is included coming alongside Flames of the Nether?

Along with the release of the paid DLC, there is also a free update now available with several new features. 


Ancient Hunts

Ancient Hunts are procedurally-generated end-game missions that weave in and out of the Nether. To access the Ancient Hunts, you’ll need to sacrifice items and Enchantment Points that will change the way your mission unfolds and what sweet loot you’ll receive at the end! If you want that mega-rare and brand-new Gilded gear, you’ll have to take on the Ancient Hunts and defeat the elusive Ancient mobs!

Looking for more details on Ancient Hunts? Check out this in-depth overview over at Minecraft.net.

Gilded Gear

Gilded gear drops are part of the free update as ultra-rare items with an extra Enchantment slot built-in, making them some of the most powerful items in the game. To get these end-game level items, you’ll have to face the Ancient Hunts and travel to the dangerous Nether.

Gold Currency and Piglin Merchant

Would it even be a trip to the Nether without a visit from Minecraft’s favorite pig-headed mobs? Everyone knows these battle-loving mobs are focused on the fight, but there’s one thing they love most of all: gold. Once you get your first piece of gold, the Piglin merchant will set up shop in the mysterious cave that’s popped up near camp. Trade your gold for items, possibly even rare Gilded gear!

Hidden Depths DLC

What is included with Hidden Depths?


Dive into your next adventure with the new Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths DLC! Gear up and make a splash with new missions, sunken treasures, and enemies. The DLC is available for $5.99 USD and is also included as the third DLC for those that own the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass.

  • Three new underwater missions
  • A mix of salty new mobs and enemies
  • New weapons, gear, and artifacts
  • Two new skins and a baby turtle pet

Want to see some gameplay? Watch the latest Minecraft Developer Diary where the team walks you through some of the exciting things you’ll find in Hidden Depths, including the free content coming with this update.

What free content is coming alongside Hidden Depths?

Along with the release of the paid DLC, there is also a free update available with new enchantments and Raid Captains.


Taking down these dangerous foes will immediately change the way you play the game. Beat them down and they’ll drop one of two tokens: one which instantly increases the mission’s threat level and another which adds a rules modifier to your current mission. Survive the mission with tokens in tow and you’ll earn the Raid Captain’s Bounty, a special reward at the end of the mission. Seek out these Raid Captains and add a new level of challenge to your missions (and more importantly, reap the rewards)!

Howling Peaks DLC

What is included with Howling Peaks?

The Howling Peaks DLC is an action-packed trek to the mountain top that features dazzling new armor, weapons, and artifacts. Of course, new enemies such as the Squall Golem and Mountaineer await you along the way as well – no one said it would be easy! Atop it all is the source of the stormy conflict, the Tempest Golem who has been corrupted by a shard from the Orb of Dominance.

Of course, even if you don’t purchase the Howling Peaks DLC or the Season Pass, there is always new, free content for you to enjoy. With this update you will get six free enchantments, all of which have the potential to totally change the way you play the game!

Want to see some gameplay? Watch the fantastic Minecraft Developer Diary where the team walks you through Howling Peaks.

Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC

What downloadable content (DLC) is available now for Minecraft Dungeons? 

The Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter packs are available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation® 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. 

What can I do in Creeping Winter? 

  • A creeping winter is slowly taking over everything it touches, and the source of its chilling power is a powerful creature known as the Wretched Wraith. 
  • Take on three new missions and face new enemies such as the Illusioner and Iceologer. 
  • As you hunt down the source of corruption, you’ll discover new armor, weapons, and artifacts below the snow and sleet.
  • Try two new player skins and the Arctic Fox pet. 
  • Conquer Daily Trials(free to all players). New daily challenges make wild changes to the game mechanics, providing difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome so you can earn powerful rewards. Earn four new pieces of gear, exclusive to Daily Trials! 
  • Rescue new camp merchants during missions, such as the Blacksmith to upgrade gear and the Gift Wrapper to gift items to other players(free to all players).
  • Find new weapons and armor exclusive to Daily Trials, plus two new artifacts and six new enchantments spread across the game (free to all players). Buzz into combat using new tools such as the Beenest, the Beenest Armor, and the Tumblebee enchantment!

What can I do in Jungle Awakens? 

  • Trek through three new missions that will take you to the heart of the jungle where you’ll find new weapons, armor, and artifacts.
  • Hunt for a source of unbelievable power that has crash-landed among the twisting vines of a distant, dangerous jungle. This mysterious power has spread its influence through vile vines, and now new terrors bloom, such as the Leapleaf and Whisperer.
  • Try out two new player skins and the Parrot pet. 
  • Discover a new secret mission, Lower Temple, for free! 

Are Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter sold separately?  

Those who own Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, or the Hero Pass Upgrade do not need to purchase Jungle Awakens or Creeping Winter. However, each DLC pack can be purchased separately if you do not have Hero Edition or the Hero Pass.

Are Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter included in the physical retail version of Minecraft Dungeons?

Yes, both Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter are included in the physical retail version of Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. An online update is required to access the content so please see our Minecraft Dungeons FAQ for more information.

Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass

What is the Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass? 

The Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass was a bundle that included four downloadable content (DLC) packs, as they become available. You could purchase the Season Pass for $19.99 USD and get the DLCs at a discount compared to purchasing each one separately. Please note that as of 2022, the Season Pass has been delisted from digital stores.

How does the Season Pass differ from the Hero Pass? 

The Season Pass does not include content from the Hero Pass. These two passes are no longer available for purchase but are included in the Ultimate Edition/Ultimate DLC Bundle.

While Hero Pass contains the first two DLC packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, the Season Pass contains the next four DLC packs, starting with Howling Peaks. Here are the contents of each pass:

Hero Pass 

Season Pass 

DLC 1: Jungle Awakens 

DLC 3: Howling Peaks 

DLC 2: Creeping Winter 

DLC 4: Flames of the Nether 

Hero Pass Cosmetics 

DLC 5 Hidden Depths 


DLC 6 Echoing Void 

What will the next DLC packs be? 

We’re not ready to reveal the upcoming DLC but you can get a pretty good idea by catching up on the Minecraft Dungeons announcements and news from Minecraft Live

Does the DLC or Season Pass have to be purchased for each platform? 

You must purchase each DLC pack separately for each platform. Purchasing content on one platform will not grant access on another platform. 

Note: If you purchased Minecraft for Windows from the Windows Store, be sure to purchase DLC from there. If you play the game via the Minecraft Launcher, be sure to purchase any DLC through minecraftdungeons.net

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition is here and contains all the previously released DLC content in one package! This means you will receive all six previously released DLC packs, plus the Hero Pass Cosmetics.  

The Hero Edition, Hero Pass and Season Pass have been delisted from digital stores, but current owners won’t lose access to their content! We know you might have some questions, so continue below to our FAQs.  

What is included in Ultimate Edition and the Ultimate DLC Bundle? 

Ultimate Edition  

  • Will be available digitally for $39.99 USD  
  • Includes: 
    • Minecraft Dungeons (base game) 
    • Jungle Awakens DLC 
    • Creeping Winter DLC 
    • Howling Peaks DLC 
    • Flames of the Nether DLC 
    • Hidden Depths DLC 
    • Echoing Void DLC 
    • Hero Pass Skins, Cape and Pet Chicken 

Ultimate DLC Bundle  

  • Will be available digitally for $19.99 USD  
  • Requires Minecraft Dungeons (base game) to play  
  • Includes: 
    • Jungle Awakens DLC 
    • Creeping Winter DLC 
    • Howling Peaks DLC 
    • Flames of the Nether DLC 
    • Hidden Depths DLC 
    • Echoing Void DLC 
    • Hero Pass Skins, Cape and Pet Chicken 

If I already own Minecraft Dungeons, can I still buy all the DLC packs together? 

Yes, you can purchase the Ultimate DLC Bundle to gain access to all six DLC packs and the Hero Pass cosmetic items. 

I have a physical code for the Hero Pass Upgrade. Will that still be redeemable? 

Yes, gift codes for the Hero Pass upgrade will still work when redeemed. This will grant you the Hero Pass cosmetic items as normal. 

I previously purchased/already own the Hero Edition, Hero Pass, or Season Pass. Will I lose access to my content? 

Nope! All your content from the Hero Edition, Hero Pass or Season Pass will still be available for you to install and use.

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