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Managing Data and Game Storage in Minecraft

This article applies to Minecraft Bedrock versions only. Click here for Minecraft: Java Edition.

This article covers managing your data and game storage in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Examples of this include backing up your Minecraft Worlds and learning where Minecraft Files are stored.

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Note: Be sure to preserve your worlds. Worlds can get corrupted at any time, and the only way to recover them is through a backup. To minimize risk, use your device's cloud-saving capabilities, or make a manual backup using the steps below.

Back up Minecraft Worlds

If you receive an error report that you are almost out of storage space, go into the saved game data in-game settings to delete files manually. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Choose the world or Realm you would like to delete.
  • Select the edit icon to the right of the world or Realm name.
  • On the game settings screen, scroll to the bottom and select Delete.

Resource packs, textures, skins, and mods are also stored in your local storage and account for the total data size per local profile. The console’s OS running the Bedrock version of Minecraft is restricted to three to four gigabytes of memory.

If you are using Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass, your data is stored in the cloud. When you are no longer playing, the data files are stored both on the console and in the cloud. Downloaded content and addons must be stored locally for fast loading.

We recommend that you back up your Minecraft worlds to prevent them from being lost. This is especially important if you want to try out an experimental version of Minecraft, such as a snapshot or beta. 

*As of the Caves & Cliffs Part II update, players loading up an existing world after updating to version 1.18 will be prompted to create a backup before playing. A backup is recommended if you would like to revert back to pre-update world generation features for that world. For more information about Caves & Cliffs Part II, read the dedicated FAQ.

Minecraft (Microsoft Windows 10 and above, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S)

To back up worlds on these devices:

  1. Select the pen icon next to the worlds
  2. From Settings page
  3. Select Copy World

This creates a copy of your world that you can keep as a backup. 

Note: If you want to save backups of your worlds on a different device, see: Transferring Minecraft worlds to Another Device.

Copying your world to a different storage media is another way to back up your worlds. To see where your files are stored, see: Where are Minecraft Files Stored?

Where are Minecraft Files Stored? 

Android & Amazon Fire OS 


Apple iOS 

/On My iPhone/Minecraft/games/com.mojang/

Minecraft for Windows & Windows Phone 

The files will be located at  %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\

Xbox One

Minecraft for Xbox one files are stored locally on the console. If you sign in with an Xbox Live account, your worlds will also be backed up to Xbox One cloud game saves

Transfer Minecraft Worlds to Another Device 

It can be difficult to transfer game files from one device to another. However, there are two methods that can help you transfer your worlds. You can transfer worlds between these devices using a Minecraft Realm or, if you play on an iOS device, through the iCloud method. 

Transfer Your World Using a Realm 

You must have an active Minecraft Realm to do this. If you have not yet used your Realms free trial, you can use that to transfer your worlds. For more information about Minecraft Realms and how to start a Realm, go to the Realms Plus page

Note: You must use the same edition of Minecraft and the same Xbox Live account to transfer worlds. 

  1. From the first device, click the pen icon next to your Realm from the Realms list 
  2. Click Replace World and confirm. 
  3. Choose the world you want to transfer.
  4. Wait for the upload and then click Let's go!
  5. Open Minecraft from the second device and click the pen icon next to your Realm from the Realms
  6. Click Download World.
  7. Wait for the download and then click Let's go!

Your world should now be transferred from one device to another. If you want to transfer another world, repeat the same process. 

Transfer Your World Using the iCloud Method (iOS Devices Only) 

See the steps below for the Apple iPad:

  1. Open the Files app on the old iPad.
  2. Under Browse, tap On My iPad.
  3. Tap Minecraft.
  4. Tap the Games folder.
  5. Tap the com.mojang folder.
  6. Locate the file named minecraftWorlds. This has all your worlds in it.
  7. Press and hold to open the menu.
  8. Tap Save to Files.
  9. Locate your iCloud drive and save the world file to the iCloud Drive folders where you want to store it.
  10. Click Save.

The worlds are now saved to your iCloud.  

Tip: Repeat these steps periodically so you’ll always have a backup.

  1. On the iPad, open the Files app
  2. On the Browse screen, go to iCloud Drive
  3. Tap the folder where you saved the minecraftWorlds folder
  4. Press and hold the minecraftWorlds folder and on the menu
  5. click Copy
  6. Tap iCloud Drive at the top next to Downloads
  7. Tap Locations at the top
  8. You should be back at the main Browse menu
  9. Tap On My iPad
  10. Tap Minecraft
  11. tap Games
  12. Tap Mojang
  13. On the next screen, click in an empty space
  14. press and hold to bring up the menu
  15. Click Paste
  16. Tap Replace

IMPORTANT: This will override any new saved games on the iPad.  

Your world has now been transferred from one device to another. To transfer another world, repeat the same process. 

How to Fix a Corrupted World Save 

Note: Always make backups whenever you are modifying any game files!

Minecraft occasionally encounters an issue that can corrupt the saved data of a world save. When this happens, the chunks in the game can be reset to how they were when the world was generated, or they can disappear completely. Many factors can cause corruption and, in some cases, can prevent the world from being opened at all. However, not all hope is lost if a world save is corrupted.

Fixing a corrupt world can be a bit challenging and is not guaranteed to fix the world every time. Making frequent backups of your world will always be the best and safest way to ensure you can recover from a corrupt save file (see the section above for two methods to make a backup). Always make a backup before you attempt this process, even if your world has already been corrupted.

Because this process involves transferring and modifying files on your system, Minecraft support is not able to assist with this issue. However, there are many community resources available online to help walk you through the steps. Minecraft support cannot guarantee that this process will work, so please proceed at your own risk.


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