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Minecraft: Java Edition Account Billing FAQ


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Account Billing Issues 

Saved Payment Information 

I was charged but did not receive the game 

I bought the wrong version of Minecraft 

I bought the wrong version of Minecraft; where can I request a refund?

Account Billing Issues 

Mojang works with our payment partners to counteract reported fraudulent purchases. Once a suspicious purchase is confirmed we refund the charges at the request of the partner; as a result, the game profile is flagged for deletion. 

How do I check on my account?  

If you think that you've have lost access to your game, you can check by visiting account.mojang.com

Who do I contact about this?  

If your game has been refunded, and you bought it through Mojang, contact your bank, credit card company, or PayPal, to see what may have triggered the refund. 

Can I get a refund for a code from a reseller site? 

If you bought a code online through a re-seller website, we are unable to assist as re-selling codes violates our terms of service. We provide refunds only when required to do so, or at the

request of the original buyer per our refunds policy. 

Can I restore my account?  

Yes! If you repurchase the game, and select the same username, it will remove the deletion flag for your username and restore your access to it. If you have trouble with this process, contact Minecraft Support.  

Saved Payment Information 

When purchasing certain Mojang Studios games, you have the option to save payment details to your account for future use. When you make a purchase, it is transmitted to our servers over a secure connection. Because this information is encrypted, Mojang Studios does not store or have direct access to your credit card details. This information can be sent to our payment partners to process a transaction but cannot be read by Mojang Studios. This means that if your Mojang account were to be compromised, your card details would not be at risk.

Remove Payment Details 

You can remove your payment details at any time from your Mojang account settings. Sign into your account, scroll down, and under Payment Details, any cards that we have on file will be listed. Click Delete to remove any card from the database. If no cards are listed, no cards are stored in the system. 

Change a Saved Payment Card 

Having a saved credit card is a requirement for recurring purchases, such as monthly payments of Minecraft Realms. If you'd like to switch the card that is set up for recurring payments, delete the currently saved card, then add a new card to your profile. 
If you have made an in-game purchase in Scrolls, you can remove your saved card information. Click Store>Buy Shards>select a package>click Remove Card

I was charged but did not receive the game 

If you see a pending charge on your account, and you did not receive an e-mail with a transaction ID or the game, then your payment has failed. When this happens, a temporary hold is placed on the funds required for your purchase. In rare cases you might see more than one pending charge in your account as well. No need to worry, any pending charges should drop from your account as soon as your bank or card provider processes the transaction. Any held funds will be returned to your account.  

If you still wish to purchase the game, you can try your purchase again or view other purchasing options. If you are using Internet Explorer, we suggest trying your purchase with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or on a mobile device.  

If you continue to have issues with the online payment system, check with your bank or credit card company, as some banks do not allow international purchases. If you are unable to make a purchase online, you may want to visit your local retailer in person to purchase Minecraft prepaid cards.  

If you have more than one confirmed purchase, contact Minecraft Support within 15 days of purchase and they will be more than happy to refund those extra charges. Be sure to include the transaction ID of any duplicate charges or else we will not be able to refund the purchase.  

I bought the wrong version of Minecraft 

There are two versions of Minecraft for PC, the Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft for Windows. Both versions can be downloaded from the Official Minecraft website and are now available through the Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC initiative. If you purchase one version of the game, you get the other for free! 

Crossplay With Other Platforms or Consoles 

Although you will see both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft for Windows offered for Windows PCs, the two editions are not compatible and have a few differences. To cross-play with any other consoles or platforms you need Minecraft for Windows. Make sure you investigate each version to determine which version is right for your personal needs.  

Change the Version Purchased 

To change the version purchased, you must contact the correct support team to request a refund and exchange your copy for the correct one.

Each version of Minecraft is sold separately and not interchangeable. If you have unintentionally purchased Minecraft: Java Edition within the last 15 days, please contact Minecraft Support for a refund. Once this refund is processed you may make your intended purchase. 

I still have questions about my Minecraft: Java Edition account; where can I get more help? 

Sure, we'd love to help! Contact Minecraft Support with your transaction ID and we will be happy to assist. 




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