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Minecraft Multiplayer Connectivity Issues

This article is for Bedrock Editions of Minecraft for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows and Xbox One. If you're experiencing connection issues in Minecraft: Java Edition, see Minecraft: Java Edition Multiplayer Connectivity Issues. 

I’m Unable to Join Another Player’s World 

Going on adventures with friends and family can be exciting, but sometimes joining one another may prove difficult. If you are having trouble connecting to another’s world here are some solutions that can help resolve the issue you and your party members may be facing. 

Checking Your Network Address Translation (NAT) 

If you can connect to Xbox Live but are unable to host or join another’s world then you may be encountering an issue related to Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT plays a big role in your ability to play online with others. 

For a detailed look into what NAT is, how to check your NAT status, and advanced trouble shooting options, see Xbox’s article Troubleshoot NAT errors and multiplayer game issues. 

Note: restarting your network equipment is required to perform an accurate test* 

Checking Your Online Privacy / Multiplayer Settings  

Certain settings applied to your account may also be another factor that is limiting your online experience. You can access these settings via Xbox.com or an Xbox One console. You will need an active premium multiplayer subscription if you are playing on a console. Additionally, you will need “Join Multiplayer Games” and” You can create and join clubs” both allowed on your account. 

How to Manage Online Privacy/Multiplayer/Family Settings for a Child Account

See here to access your account settings.

If your issue is still not resolved contact Xbox support for further assistance. 

I Can See Only Friends Typing in Chat 

To be able to communicate with players other than your friends, you must change the privacy settings on your account.

If you are under the age of legal majority in your region you may have a child account, which means multiplayer and communication settings are blocked by default. A parent or guardian must log in to change the settings on the child account. 

Changing the Settings on a Child Account

To do so, follow the instructions at manage Xbox online safety and privacy settings to navigate and change your privacy settings. You can set the Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites option to your preferred setting for yourself or your child from Xbox.com.

Make sure you select the Everyone option to be able to communicate with others. 

If you still need assistance, contact Minecraft Support


Last Updated - 2022-10-05 22:30:16 UTC

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