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Minecraft Dungeons Account Issues FAQ

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Creating an Account for Minecraft Dungeons 

To play online multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons you may need to set up a Microsoft account, if your platform requires it. Here is a list of requirements to access Minecraft Dungeons on each platform:

Windows 7/8/10(and above) or Xbox Game Pass for PC Requirements 

  • Microsoft account

Xbox One or Xbox Game Pass Requirements 

  • Xbox account
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription

PlayStation® 4 Requirements 

  • PlayStation® Network account
  • PlayStation®Plus subscription
  • Microsoft account

Nintendo Switch Requirements 

  • Nintendo Online account
  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription
  • Microsoft account

Purchasing Your Copy of Minecraft Dungeons 

You can purchase Minecraft Dungeons in a few ways. The most important thing to remember when purchasing Minecraft Dungeons is choosing the correct gaming platform. Below lists where Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased for each specific platform:

Windows 10/7/8 or Xbox Game Pass for PC

(note that canceling your Xbox Game Pass will remove your access to Minecraft Dungeons) 

Xbox One or Xbox Game Pass

  • Xbox Marketplace
  • Xbox Game Pass (note that canceling your Xbox Game Pass will remove your access to Minecraft Dungeons)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • Will grant access to two separate copies of Minecraft Dungeons, one for Xbox One and the other for Windows 10  and above PC. Saved data can’t be shared between the two versions.

PlayStation® 4

  • PlayStation® Store

Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo eShop

Can I transfer a Minecraft Dungeons license to a Mojang or Minecraft account? 

You can't transfer a license or entitlement to a Mojang account. You must log into the Microsoft account you made the Dungeons purchase on in the launcher and then you can play Dungeons. 

How can I change my Minecraft Dungeons in-game name? 

The in-game name you see in Minecraft Dungeons will be the name associated with the following accounts. If you want to change that name you must contact the appropriate support team:

  • PCs use a player’s Xbox Live Gamertag as the player's in-game name. To find out how to change your Gamertag go to Microsoft support.
  • Xbox One uses a player’s Xbox Live Gamertag as the player's in-game name. To find out how to change your Gamertag go to Microsoft support.
  • PlayStation® uses a player’s PlayStation® Network Online ID as the player's in-game name. To find out how to change your PSN ID go to the PlayStation Network page.
  • Nintendo Switch uses a player’s Nintendo nickname before players link their Microsoft account. After players link their Microsoft account, the player's in-game name will be their chosen Xbox Live Gamertag. (Note: You must link your Nintendo account with a Microsoft account if you want to play online.) To find out how to change your online Gamertag go to Microsoft support.

Signing into a Microsoft Account for Online Multiplayer on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation® 

To play online multiplayer and cross-platform play in Minecraft Dungeons on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation® consoles, you need to log in to the game using a Microsoft Account. This article explains how to log in and begin adding friends to play together online. 

If you do not have a Microsoft Account, you can create one for free by following the directions in our article on Setting Up a Microsoft Account

Note: A valid Nintendo Switch Online membership is also required to play online on Nintendo Switch, or a PlayStation®Plus membership for PlayStation® consoles. 

  1. When you launch Minecraft Dungeons for the first time, you are prompted to log in to a Microsoft Account.


  1. Using another device, such as a phone or a tablet, go to https://www.microsoft.com/link. Enter the code shown on your device.


  1. After your successful sign in, you will be connected to Minecraft Dungeons with your Microsoft Account. You can change Microsoft Account Settings at https://account.xbox.com/settings.


  1. If you choose not to link your accounts, you may unlink at any time in the Game Settings menu by selecting Configure Online Play. You can also log out of your Microsoft Account from this screen at any time.


  1. From the main menu and Hero select screen, press the L and R or L1 and R1 buttons to switch between Online Game and Offline Game. After you select Online Game, you can add friends by selecting Add Friend and searching for their gamertags

You can join friends' game sessions from the main menu, or you can invite them to your own game session by following the steps below:

  1. Select Friends from The Camp after starting an online game
  2. Select the friend whose session you want to join
  3. select Add to Game
  4. select Start Online Game


Set up an Xbox Live or Microsoft Account (includes multiplayer access for Child Accounts)  

Minecraft Dungeons requires an Xbox Live or Microsoft account to play with friends even if you're not playing on Xbox or another Microsoft platform. Parents can set up and manage these accounts for their kids too.  

IMPORTANT:  Child accounts are all accounts for those under the age of 16 for the US & EU, 19 for South Korea. If there isn't an adult account associated with the child account, the adult must make a Microsoft account and associate the already-created child account with it. Only parent accounts can modify settings.  

What is a Microsoft account?   

It’s an account that’s used to verify your access to computers and Microsoft services and applications. If you use any of these services, you have a Microsoft account: 

·                XboxLive  

·                Store  

·                Outlook  

·                Bing  

·                Office  

·                Windows  

·                Skype  

·                MSN  

·                OneDrive  


Your Microsoft account lets you manage everything all in one place. If you need a Microsoft account, you can sign up for one at no cost. See What is a Microsoft account? for more.  

Sign Up for a Free Microsoft Account  

  1. Go to https://xbox.com and click Sign In,  at the top right of the page.   
  2. In the Sign In box, click Create one!  
  3. Choose an email account to use. To create a new email account, choose Get a new email address.    
  4. Follow the instructions to create your account.  
  5. Verify that the notification email you receive shows the correct email address for the account.  
  6. Log in to Xbox.com with your new email address and password. You should see your Gamertag in the top right.   

Set Up and Manage Your Child’s Xbox Live or Microsoft Account  

  1.  Click https://account.microsoft.com/family/.  
  2. Click Create a family group.   
  3. In the Add Someone box, click Create an account,   
  4.  Start in the Create an account for child box and then follow the instructions to create the account.  
  5. Once created, edit the parental settings as needed.  

Note: You can find additional parental settings at https://account.xbox.com/settings  

Set and Edit Parental Controls for Your Child’s Account  

You can set some parental controls which are associated with your Microsoft account while managing that account, however you have additional controls available through Xbox.  

  1. Go to https://account.xbox.com/settings  
  2. Click the account you want to edit.
  3. You should see your child’s Gamertag in the top right.   

Note: The settings that display Xbox 360 after them are not specific to the Xbox 360, This is an indicator that the options were accessible from the Xbox 360 console. The settings apply to that Microsoft account across all devices.  

Child Account Set up for Join Multiplayer Games or Join Clubs  

  1. Log in to https://account.xbox.com/settings with the parent’s Microsoft account.  
  2. Click the child account's profile.  
  3. In the navigation tabs 
  4. click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online
  5.  select Allow for Join multiplayer games and You can create and join clubs.   
  6. To enable chat for people not on the child's friends list, in the table header,
  7.  click Privacy and 
  8. select Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites
  9. Click Save.  

Note: This option determines who can see your child’s messages and send your child’s messages including in-game chat in Minecraft. These settings are specific to this account.  

(The screenshot below applies to Minecraft Dungeons as well normal Minecraft; these settings will need to be active on the child account to play multiplayer games or join clubs) 



Minecraft Dungeons Account Settings and Login Issues 

Learn how to modify your Minecraft Dungeons account data here, depending on your platform. If you have forgotten your Minecraft Dungeons username or email, you must contact the appropriate support team, as follows, and follow their recovery instructions to change your account data. 

Windows or Xbox One 

To manually recover your Microsoft or Xbox account email or password, follow these

recovery instructions. If you need additional assistance, contact Microsoft support

PlayStation® 4 

To manually recover your PlayStation® account email or password, follow these

recovery instructions. If you need additional assistance, contact PlayStation support

Nintendo Switch 

To manually recover your Nintendo account email or password, follow these

recovery instructions. If you need additional assistance, contact Nintendo support

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