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Optimizing Performance in Minecraft: Java Edition

Sometimes when playing Minecraft: Java Edition, you may experience a low FPS (frames per second) or frame rate. This may be caused due to applications running in the background or simply not having enough processing power to run the game smoothly at your current settings. 

A useful tool to utilize in Minecraft: Java Edition is to monitor your frame rate in the debug menu, which can be opened by pressing F3. 

By going to the game’s options menu and selecting video settings, you will have a list of options you can adjust to increase performance. It can be opened by pressing the ‘Esc’ key. 

Here are some tips to optimize game performance in Minecraft: Java Edition.


  • Turning down your render distance 
  • Change your graphics setting from ‘Fancy’ to ‘Fast’ 
  • Turn off Smooth Lighting and Clouds 
  • Reduce your FOV if it was increased 
  • Set particles to minimal 
  • Turn off vsync (may be dependent on global video card settings) 
  • Disable Mipmaps 
  • Disable Biome Smoothing 
  • Set the game to windowed mode. Similarly, you can also try full screen mode by either toggling in game or pressing ‘F11’ 
  • When in multiplayer, move away from areas that have many players, mobs, or large buildings 

If the previous steps didn’t help, we recommend you contact your device manufacturer to see if they can provide additional steps.  


Last Updated - 2023-01-29 12:38:35 UTC

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