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Optimizing Performance in Minecraft

This article addresses changes in performance settings for Minecraft for Windows, consoles such as PlayStation®, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices.

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General Guidance for Optimizing Performance in Minecraft

Sometimes when playing Minecraft, you may experience a low FPS (frames per second) or frame rate. This may be due to applications running in the background or simply not having enough processing power to run the game smoothly at your current settings. 

Here are some tips to optimize game performance in Minecraft. 

The settings we will be focusing on are Video settings. You can access your settings by hitting esc in-game or clicking settings from the main menu. 

Render distance is defined as follows:

The render distance controls how many chunks of the world are visible at once. The fewer chunks that are included, the sooner each frame can be rendered, resulting in higher frames per second (FPS). Render distance can vary based on the player scenario:

  • Single player: render distance default and range is calculated based on hardware
  • Multi-player mode: render distance has a maximum of 16 and would be set to the host’s settings
  • Realms: render distance is locked at 10
  • 3rd party servers: render distance will be capped based on server settings



  • Turn down render distance
  • Turn off fancy leaves 
  • Turn off fancy bubbles 
  • Turn off render clouds 
  • Turn off beautiful skies 
  • Turn off smooth lighting 
  • Turn off fancy graphics 
  • Turn down particle render distance 

Out of game:

  • Close other applications that are running on your device
  • Remove behavior and resource packs that are not in use

Changes to Render Distance  

Changes have been made to enable players to have optimum performance based on their hardware. Here are the changes players will see:

New user accounts (PC, consoles, mobile devices):

The system-recommended default render distances and ranges will be preset to allow for optimum performance.

Existing player accounts (All platforms except PlayStation®):

You will see the following message if the render distance is set higher than the recommended settings upon updating to the latest version of Minecraft. You will have the option to keep your existing setting but may experience a drop in frame rate and performance issues with the higher-than-recommended render distance settings. If your previous render distance was larger than your new render distance range, you will not be able to set it back using the render distance slider.

Note: this screen will only appear once and will not reoccur with any subsequent render distance changes.


To change the render distance (all platforms), go to Settings>Video and select a value on the Render Distance slider.


The following warning will appear (new user accounts and existing accounts) when setting Render Distance higher than recommended for optimum performance.


Last Updated - 2023-02-04 11:50:29 UTC

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