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Uninstalling the Old Minecraft Unified Launcher

This only applies to players using Windows 10 or newer. Older versions of Windows are not able to use the new Minecraft Launcher for Windows. 

With the addition of a new launcher, you can uninstall the old launcher to remove any confusion between the two. For simplicity’s sake we will refer to the new launcher as the “Minecraft Launcher for Windows” and the old launcher as the “Minecraft Unified Launcher”.

To learn more about the new Minecraft Launcher for Windows, please see our FAQ.

How to uninstall the Minecraft Unified Launcher (old launcher): 

  1. Click the start menu in Windows (windows icon in the bottom left) 
  2. Type in “Add or remove programs” and click the top entry 
  3. Search for “Minecraft Launcher”. The launcher you want to uninstall will say Mojang underneath the title “Minecraft Launcher”. 
  4. Click the three dots shown to the left of the “Minecraft Launcher” title and select ‘Uninstall’.mceclip0.png

Now you should only have one launcher installed. Run the Minecraft Launcher for Windows to ensure it still works; if it doesn’t, Click here to reinstall. 

Note: If you use launcher or game mods, you may need to migrate them or re-install them to the new Minecraft Launcher for Windows’ installation location before you uninstall your old launcher. Please check with your mod developer for more detail. 

Last Updated - 2023-02-03 23:39:50 UTC

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